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Telephone, Courtesy of Maya Zack
Telephone, Courtesy of Maya Zack
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Artist Maya Zack Exhibits At Tel Aviv Museum Of Art

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Updated: 4 May 2016
Maya Zack, a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and lecturer has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Alon Segev Gallery in Tel Aviv, the Natalie Seroussi Gallery in Paris, the Bezalel Gallery in Jerusalem, and the CUC Gallery in Berlin. Her next exhibit is displaying at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Zack presents a hypnotic world made up of films, large-scale realistic drawings, computerized visualizations, and sculptural installations. They deal with the human attempt to impose order and form onto reality in order to cope with its chaotic nature.

The exhibition is the final product of a long period of research and creation, during which Zack plunged into the depths of personal and collective memory and developed a language that fuses art and cinema, past and present, reality and discussion.

Zack views the artist’s work as a tool that enables the processing of Holocaust remembrance and trauma, via the reconstruction of past reality in a process that mixes fantasy with interpretation. The ensemble of her work deals with forgetfulness, the fragility of facts and the ease of denial. This is particularly pertinent in light of the 21st century when witnesses to the Holocaust are disappearing and technologies in virtual spaces are taking the place of reality.

Black-and-White Rule, 2011
Black-and-White Rule, 2011 | Courtesy of Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The exhibition displays, for the first time in its entirety, her trilogy of award-winning films: Mother Economy, Black and White Rule, and Counterlight (whose world premiere will be screened at the exhibition). The films feature female figures – researchers/scientists/artists – who attempt to treat the fragments of the past and develop new forms of memorization while occupying themselves, in an obsessive and absurd manner, with objects, documents and traces. The roots of the exhibition and the films are grounded in the poems of Paul Celan (1920-1970), one of the most important poets of the modern era.

Speechfog, Maya Zack
Speechfog, Maya Zack | Courtesy of Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Maya Zack’s exhibition display will be open from April 20th 2016 until August 20th 2016

Curator: Nili Goren

Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Hall – Main Building

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv