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Rothschild Allenby Market | Courtesy of Rothschild Allenby Market Facebook Page
Rothschild Allenby Market | Courtesy of Rothschild Allenby Market Facebook Page
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An Inside Peek Into Tel Aviv's Latest Food Market

Picture of Reuben Lewis
Israel writer
Updated: 6 November 2017
“In Tel Aviv, everything is constantly moving,” says the owner of Nurela, a small delicatessen in shuk Rothschild-Allenby that sells homemade salads and sandwiches. Opened in January 2017, this is the city’s fourth covered food market that reflects the eclectic and dynamic culinary scene in this city that seems obsessed with food.

With 32 eateries, you can find cuisines ranging from South African bunny chow to authentic ramen and sausage sandwiches. Like Tel Aviv’s other modern food markets – Sarona, Ramat Hachayal and Tel Aviv Port – here you will find original stalls in addition to branches of already established food joints.

Situated on Rothschild, one of the busiest streets in Tel Aviv, this market is very popular with tourists and locals alike, due to its affordable prices, prime location, and long opening hours (it is open all week, including on Shabbat, until 2am).

לפני הים אחרי הים זה לא באמת משנה…השוק פתוח

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A lively nightspot, the market has two bars: Beer Box, which has 150 beers from all over the world and Israel, and Edmund Allenby, which specialises in wine and liquor. In addition to the alcohol, you can entertain yourselves with the backgammon boards (or sheshbesh, as it’s known locally) that are available in the seating areas.

מתי בפעם האחרונה שתית בירה ב-10 שקלים? כל יום, כל היום, רק בביר בוקס שלנו

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There’s an array of Asian food joints: we recommend Raq Thai, a colourful Thai restaurant with an open kitchen and delicious cocktails in addition to its great food, and Men Ten Ten for its tasty and authentic ramen.

Olivery has a branch of its main restaurant on Ibn Gvirol in central Tel Aviv, selling super fresh, tasty and cheap pizza.

Rothschild-Allenby shuk, Tel Aviv's latest covered food market!

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At Deli Bar, you can find American style foods such as stacked up salt beef sandwiches and hamburgers, which are sure to hit the spot for anyone with an appetite!

כריך הקורנביף הכי טעים בתל אביב! @delicious_deli_tlv @delicious_tlv

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Bunny Chow made their name in Tel Aviv’s shuk ha-carmel for their delicious and authentic South African curry sandwiches, and have now relocated to the Rothschild-Allenby Market.

@bunnychowtlv היישר מדרום אפריקה.

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Master Fish is a kosher fish restaurant where you can either buy fresh fish to take home for dinner or eat at their small seating area. From chunky fish sandwiches to grilled catches of the day, they’ve got you fish lovers covered.

Chipsea King is one of the most popular stalls in the market, channeling the best of British cuisine with their perfectly battered fish and chunky chips.

To see the full range of options in Rothschild-Allenby Market, head over to their website.

Rothschild-Allenby Market, Tel Aviv