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A Photo Journey With Tel Aviv Street Artist Adida Fallen Angel
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A Photo Journey With Tel Aviv Street Artist Adida Fallen Angel

Picture of Adi Khavous
Updated: 10 December 2015
Night falls on the White City and Adida Fallen Angel is getting ready once again for an extensive undercover artistic mission: to decorate the streets with his powerful illustrations and leave his mark as a street artist. Tel Aviv has increasingly become a haven for street art, especially in South Tel Aviv, with diverse graffiti selections across the neighborhoods.

Adida started his creative journey in early 2011 when he decided the streets of Tel Aviv could use an artistic face-lift. He learned to create his own brand of cheap glue and went out into the dark night with his first batch of custom-made art pieces illustrated on large scale sketch paper.

Adida’s pieces are a mixture of simplicity of shape and color moving toward complex geometrical flow. Each piece is unique and as time went by Adida started to invest more into the design, pushing for expanding the repertoire of colors, shapes and meanings.

Later on Adida started to blend different types of paper from old books he found making a collage of mixed media and applying it onto the streets he so dearly loves. At first Adida only worked around the corner where he used to couch surf, mostly around Dizengoff Center, and later on he felt more comfortable going further into surrounding neighborhoods.

By the end of the year Adida was getting better at forming his own street style and feeling more free to express himself. One of his favorite pieces is the LOVE piece he composed and nearly got arrested for.

Since Adida is a traveling artist and a musician, he only has a few weeks every year or so to come and decorate the streets with his art.

In 2012 Adida formed a mini collective known as The Sick City Crew, a local group of talented artists working together making delightful pieces. They keep challenging themselves and always come up with new series to display.

2013 was a very productive year for Adida and The Sick City crew. They decided to branch out into even more areas of Tel Aviv which they had never been to before.

2014 was no different, with more explorations of the mind and heart and self-expression into different styles that expanded their opportunities to shine.

Adida had the chance to come to Tel Aviv twice in 2015 for the first time, giving him more time to enjoy the city and work closely with the Sick City Crew making more art pieces for the streets.

As the years went by many of the pieces disappeared, the effects of time, weather, reconstruction and decay showed its powers on the art pieces and the walls that nourished them; nevertheless, you can be sure Adida and his crew will keep riding into the night with a fresh batch of art pieces for the streets of Tel Aviv.

By Adi Khavous

Born in Israel, Adida is an adventurous and insatiable character. Terrified of routine and normality, he has an incredible longing to explore the world and all its different facets. He has been traveling for the past 17 years, spending time in Brazil, New York, San Diego, Rotterdam, Berlin, Paris and has lately chosen Montreal to be his newest home. Adida is a visual artist and a musician and spends most of his time searching for creative ways to express himself and share his universe with whomever he comes across.

You can see more of his street art here and follow him on Instagram too!