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Dancing Camel’s Bottled Beers | Courtesy of Dancing Camel
Dancing Camel’s Bottled Beers | Courtesy of Dancing Camel

The Best Places To Drink Beer In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 15 November 2016
Tel Aviv after dark is a fun and exciting adventure, with incredible nightclubs, quirky wine bars and cocktail bars with vibrant themes. However, that is not all that a night in Tel Aviv has to offer. It also has terrific beers, and listed below are the perfect places to find them.


Dancing Camel

Craft beer lovers are sure to list the Dancing Camel as one of their all time favorite bars. Aside from being the first microbrewery in Israel, this bar is very inviting. In either location, you feel a sense of belonging, and then there’s the beer, which is just an experience on its own. They take American brewing methods and Israeli ingredients and combine them to make the most delectable beer.

Ha Ta’asiya st. 12, Tel Aviv

Brewkettle © Dancing Camel's

Brewkettle © Dancing Camel’s


For those beer lovers who are fans of quiet neighborhood bars, Chouffeland is the place to go. Located on Tel Aviv’s Yehuda Maccabi street, you are still in the city, but you get that small town intimate feel. Their expertise is in flavorful imports, favoring German and Belgian beers. These western European brews combined with that personal neighborhood feel are sure to draw you back again and again.

Yehuda HaMaccabi St. 63, Tel Aviv

Beer Glasses at Chouffeland | Courtesy of Chouffeland

Beer Glasses at Chouffeland © Chouffeland


If you journey to Tel Aviv’s suburb of Petah Tikvah, you will find Jem’s brewery. This place is the realization of a dream of making fine beer in the Holy Land. Although you can find Jem’s at other locations, it’s quite the adventure to journey to the factory where it’s made. Sit in the tap room drinking this unique beer and hear about the story of its creation.

HaMagshimim St. 15, Petah Tikva

Jem’s Summer Ale | Courtesy of Jem’s Brewery

Jem’s Summer Ale © Jem’s Brewery


Cerveza is the place to go for a chill night out with your import beer loving friends. Right on Dizengoff, you never forget for a second that you’re in the city, but while you are enjoying the urban delights Tel Aviv has to offer, this is a place to enjoy good import beer. With a variety of beers and prices, this beer bar fits anyone’s budget.

Dizengoff St. 174, Tel Aviv

Bar | Courtesy of Cerveza

Bar © Cerveza

Beer Garden

The Beer Garden is located in the picturesque neighborhood of Tel Aviv referred to as Sarona, which pays tribute to its history as a German colony — and the Beer Garden does the same. Here they specialize in German beers. The atmosphere is open and friendly, so for a night out with your friends, this is a beautiful location to sit, relax, and drink good German beer.

Aluf Albert Mandler 3, Tel Aviv


Their stunning collection of beers | Courtesy of tlvbars/Instagram

Their stunning collection of beers | Courtesy of tlvbars/Instagram

Beer Bazaar

Hidden in the bustling alleys of Shuk haCarmel is an Israeli Beer Lover’s dream, and right in the heart of this city landmark is the Beer Bazaar’s fabulous stand. It’s small and seems innocuous but it is a real winner — it hosts tons of local Israeli brewers and it’s a popular place for new brews to make their debut. Besides the acclaim, it is just a fun place to sit and have a beer as you enjoy the people watching afforded to you by the busy marketplace.

Rambam St. 1, Tel Aviv