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9 Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Tel Aviv

9 Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Tel Aviv

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Updated: 28 May 2017

Tel Aviv is a stylish city, with a budding fashion scene and no lack of boutique designer shops. But the city’s true chic is hidden within the shelves and crates of its second-hand shops and urban markets. Here are some of the best flea markets and thrift shops in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

Bigudit WIZO

WIZO (the Women’s International Zionist Organization) has an impressive record of philanthropy in Israel, but for most Israelis this shop is our Salvation Army. Your classic rummage shop, WIZO (pronounced as a single word) allows people to both drop off their old clothes and pick up new ones. Spread throughout the country, they have a Berlin-style thrift store near Gan Meir Park in central Tel Aviv, called Bigudit. Prices are super cheap and it’s for a good cause — all proceeds go to help women in need — so dig in.

Bigutdit WIZO, King George St 35, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Jaffa Flea Market

Now the heart of one of the hottest areas in the city, Jaffa’s Flea Market is a maze of stores, stands and hidden shops, offering everything from vintage furniture for thousands of shekels to bizarre trinkets and old electronics. There’s probably nothing you can’t find — or haggle over — in this market.

Jaffa Flea Market, Olei Zion St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Jaffa Flea Market I © Sharon ba123/WikiCommons

Tel Aviv’s only proper antique market — the kind that has collectors loading up their vans and presenting the wares they are heartbroken to have to sell — recently lost its home in Dizengoff Square. It has relocated to Givon Square, a new plaza lodged between Tel Aviv’s cinematheque on Ha’Arba Street and the new Gindi City Mall and high rise development on Hashmonaim. It’s set to open again on Fridays so check it out. Where else can you find an old wind up clock that is also a pocket knife?

Antique Flea Market | © Klearchos Kapoutsis/Flikr

Nahalat Binyamin

The Arts & Crafts artisan market on Nahalat Binyamin is not exactly a flea market, but more a showcasing of Tel Aviv’s local makers of trinkets. Offering everything from sand-filled bottles to handmade brainteasers to all manner of dolls and artwork, the market is a great place to spend Friday. It’s also right next to the bustling Carmel Market, so make sure to swing by for the full experience.

Nahalat Binyamin 20-4, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Nahalat Binyamin Market, Tel Aviv © Photo Gallery Israeli Ministry of Tourism/Flickr

Buy Kilo

Buy Kilo — as its name suggests — work more on quantity than quality, as you pay by weight. But that doesn’t mean its offerings are in bad shape. This store offers a large selection of moderately priced second-hand items of clothing, with an impressive selection of old jeans, in a nice space. Located not far from the Azrieli Mall, on Yehudit Boulevard, the shop is off the beaten path but a great place to spend a few hours and a few shekels.

In the Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv’s main mall, you can find one of the city’s largest second-hand shops, Flashback. More vintage than thrift, Flashback offers a wide array of second-hand clothes, organized along the lines of a classic clothing store. Big and organized, its hangers hold cheap gems if you can spot them.

Flashback, Dizengoff St 43, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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