You Need To Attend One Of These Israeli Music Festivals

You Need To Attend One Of These Israeli Music Festivals
Nature, good music, positive energy; welcome to Israel’s diverse festival scene. Israelis are known to live in the moment, and the country has a notable community for the festive life. Discover eight different music events available across this small Middle Eastern country that should be added to your calendar.
Doof Festival Courtesy Haim Solomon

Doof Festival

“Where the essence is not in the selfie but in the self.” This is how organizers describe the vibe of this event. The twelfth annual Doof festival is planned to take place at the beginning of April for three days of music and camping alongside the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Recommended for all trance lovers, international artists are brought in by the events’ record label, Doof Records. Expect to hear worldwide musicians such as Mubali, Merkaba, Freq, and more.

InDnegev Festival

If indie music is your scene, this festival is for you. Located in Mitzpe Gvulot, in the Negev, the annual event each October puts a spotlight on Israeli indie musicians. The event began in 2007 as a small-scale festival and has grown greatly since, with about 5,000 fans arriving annually. The festival creates a community around the indie culture and features up-and-coming artists from a variety of music genres. Besides more than 100 live performances, visitors can enjoy art exhibitions, movies, poetry readings, night parties, and more. Join InDnegev and celebrate your love for nature and indie music.

Midburn Festival Courtesy Ido Weisman

Midburn Festival

Inspired by the famous Burning Man Festival in Nevada, Israelis created the Midburn Festival in the Negev. The festival follows the same list of 10 principles as Burning Man, which includes self-expression and communal effort. The festival, occurring in May, is a place where visitors become members of a community for five days. The event is heaven for creative minds who can participate in themed camps with topics such as dance or art. The music festival does not have a traditional line-up, but rather the participants themselves create the diverse music scene.

Minus424 Dead Sea Rave Courtesy Yosi Mamia

Minus424 Dead Sea Rave

Each year, thousands of Israelis are known to frequent big international festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Music. Minus424 brings a taste of this international experience to Israel. Although running for only two years, the festival, occurring in October, has become known for its grandiosity. Visitors dance from sunset to sunrise as they enjoy breathtaking views of Masada and the Dead Sea shores. With DJs such as David Guetta, Sander van Doorn, and Steve Angello, the rave offers an intense 12-hour experience at the lowest point on earth.

Unity Festival

Imagine a dreamy experience: green nature, neon decorations, and trance. All this can be found at the Unity Festival, which occurs every spring in the northern part of Israel. The event features worldwide artists from Brazil, Sweden, Portugal, and more. This years’ theme will come from the world of mythology and fairytales. And if that’s not enough, a color war — an Indian tradition where participants throw and color each other with dry powder — is expected to take place. As the name hints, the event is about unification of people: their mantra is “together we are one.”

Tamar Festival

The Idan Raichel Project, Shlomo Artzi, Mosh Ben Ari, and Balkan Beat Box are just a few names of famous Israeli talents who have performed at the Tamar Festival in the past. The four-day annual event each October is set in the Negev Desert and celebrates Israel’s popular musicians. Besides music, visitors can enjoy a variety of nature activities, such as hiking or group tours.

Reggae in the Desert Courtesy Dima Haver

Reggae in the Desert

Israel is known for its crossroad of different cultures, and the “Reggae in the Desert” festival, which embraces Jamaican sounds, is a perfect example. The genre incorporates elements of blues, jazz, and African music to create a unique sound and calm vibe. This popular festival showcases local and global reggae performers, as well as a variety of DJs. The event occurs every fall around September at Midreshet Ben Gurion (near Mitzpe Ramon). Loosen up as you listen to talented artists singing songs about “Zion” under the shade of palm trees in the Holy Land.

Zorba The Buddha Festival Courtesy Dave Sinai

Zorba The Buddha Festival

“Get out of your head and get into your heart”: Zorba the Buddha Festival will take you through a unique inner journey. This five-day celebration in April at the Green Ashram oasis focuses on the world of meditation and yoga. The event offers over 14 activity areas and workshops, such as Osho meditations, therapy, dance, and motion. Throughout the day and into the night there will be concerts, parties, and live music. From American folk to trance and yoga music, this event covers it all. It’s time to “think less, and feel more.”