7 Must-Follow Bloggers From Israel

Tel Aviv | © bachmont / Flickr
Tel Aviv | © bachmont / Flickr
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Israel Writer30 November 2017

Israel is home to a strong community of creative minds and culture savvy individuals, so it comes as no surprise that there are an array of bloggers producing fantastic content in a range of areas. From sassy video bloggers to food blogs and gallery guides, here are some of the best bloggers in Israel.


Ha-Yisraeliot (“The Israeli Girls” in Hebrew) is a hilarious Facebook page in which a group of Israeli women make short videos talking about a range of topics relating to life in general and Israeli society. Most of their videos are in Hebrew, however one of their stars – a Canadian immigrant called Renny Grinshpan – speaks in English. Unfiltered, well-observed, and often hilarious, these vloggers are sure to be one of your most entertaining follows.

Eager Tourist (@eagertourist)

Eager Tourist is the passion project of Tel Aviv resident Ross Belfer. Its Instagram account features artsy photos of Israel and of Belfer’s travels elsewhere with an emphasis on design, architecture, and culture. Aside from its aesthetically pleasing Instagram blog, Eager Tourist offers ‘tailor-made travel experiences that connect you with local insiders through a wide range of disciplines’. Whether you want to jam with local musicians, take a gallery tour led by local curators, or experience the local nightlife, Eager Tourist takes you deep inside the real Tel Aviv.

Winter in #Telaviv #expiredfilm #35mm #filmphotography

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Oh-So-Arty (@ohsoarty)

Oh-So-Arty is a community of international art guides running tours of the world’s most exciting art scenes, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Founded by Tel Aviv resident Sarah Peguine, their offshoot @artgalleriesintelaviv gives you the lowdown on all the coolest galleries and exhibitions going on in Tel Aviv.

Teddy Cohen (@teddyco)

Teddy Cohen knows how to take a photo. His Instagram account has racked up over 9,000 followers for his marvelous snaps of Israel’s landscape and architecture. Cohen’s ability to capture the beauty of Israel, from the mundane to the spectacular, makes him well worth a follow.

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This Is Tel Aviv (@this.is.tel.aviv)

If you’re looking for a photography blog that captures the essence of Tel Aviv, then look no further than this superb Instagram account. Street photographer Evyatar Dayan is a master of snapping moments that any Tel Avivian will know embody the wacky and wondrous nature of this special city.

Tel Aveat (@telaveat)

Tel Aveat is a well-established blog run by two Londoners living in Tel Aviv. As the name suggests, they provide extensive recommendations of the best restaurants in the city on their Instagram and website. For a city with such a dynamic and eclectic culinary scene, this is a highly useful blog – but be warned, it’ll leave you ravenous!

On Friday we brunch 💁

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TLV Bars (@tlvbars)

TLV Bars is the go-to Instagram account for discovering Tel Aviv’s dynamic nightlife. From nightclubs, food bars and events, their comprehensive coverage and well-taken photographs of venues and cocktails will ensure you know the city’s nightlife like a local.

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