7 Essential Life Lessons Tel Aviv’s Cats Can Teach Us

7 Essential Life Lessons Tel Aviv’s Cats Can Teach Us

In Israel, it’s not unusual to see cats all over; they were brought over by the British to eradicate a serious mice problem in the 1930s. However, the cat population grew exponentially due to people’s eagerness to feed the stray cats, as well as the nurturing Mediterranean climate. Though Tel Aviv is known to be a dog lovers‘ city, the stray cats actually could teach the locals some important lessons for living in the White City.

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It’s okay to feel down sometimes. Low moments are part of our life. Tel Avivians work very hard and extremely long hours, so when the weekend comes along, locals move past the low points and celebrate as though it’s their last day on earth.
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Get more sunshine

Tel Aviv is the sunshine city, so don’t waste the year-round summer weather indoors. Make use of the beaches, urban gardens and outdoor libraries to soak up some rays.

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Cherish your resources

Israel is known as the land of milk and honey. Be amazed by how fresh and cheap the milk is. In Tel Aviv, there is a new craze for farmers and organic markets, where you can buy local produce, including famous cheeses and native wildflower honey.

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Culinary Discoveries

In Tel Aviv, there is delicious food everywhere. There is an exceptional variety of culinary genres, so branch out from your comfort zone. Whether you want to try Eastern or Western, kosher or non-kosher, there are more restaurants to choose from than days of the year!

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Take a Moment For Yourself

We could all try to sleep more and relax. The cats of Tel Aviv have perfected the art of daytime naps and quiet unwinding. Although the city may be non-stop and hectic at times, it’s important to take time to find your inner peace.

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Patience is a Virtue

If we practice patience and learn to wait, things will get better. Tel Avivians have recently discovered the need to practice and as a result yoga has become immensely popular, with studios and impromptu classes popping up all over the city.

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Keep a Positive Outlook

Don’t forget to look to the sky and remind yourself we can see the brightest stars in the darkest nights. Find your happy place in Tel Aviv and remember to look for the good in every situation.

By Yixin Liu

Yixin Liu is an MBA candidate at Tel Aviv University. She is intrigued by Israel’s ability to bridge its cultural past and technological future. Having grown up in a traditional Chinese family, she has a strong love for classical Eastern culture. Yixin is an avid traveler and adventure seeker. She wants to better understand her own culture through new eyes she developed from her experiences in other parts of the world. Connect with Yixin on LinkedIn.