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The Israeli Instagram Illustrators to Watch
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The Israeli Instagram Illustrators to Watch

Picture of Liran Daniel
Updated: 15 December 2016
Since the entrance of social media into our lives, art has become accessible for the masses. In this day and age, in order to be exposed to art, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home – simply wander around the visual world of Instagram. In Israel there are scores of talented creative illustrators who specialize in traditional hand-drawn images and graphic design.

Dana Avni

Dana Avni is a 28 year old illustrator currently completing a four year course in visual art studies. Avni started illustrating for Instagram not long ago as a hobby, but already has a wide community of followers. When business proposals and offers to collaborate started arriving, Avni decided to commit to her Instagram creations as a full-time job. Avni’s work is characterized by a pop art, colorful and playful style. She often illustrates other Instagram users’ pictures, waiting with anticipation for their reaction to her work. Avni has been illustrating ever since she can remember and for her, illustration is therapy, commentary and a fun way to communicate with people.

Dailydoodlegram – Geffen Refaeli

Geffen Refaeli is an illustrator based in Tel Aviv and has been working on Dailydoodlegram for the past three years. It’s an illustration project inspired by the Instagram community. Every day, Geffen goes through recently-taken photos on Instagram and carefully selects a few eye-catching works. From that, she creates a new drawing and story based on the elements and characters from those photos. The result is a personal drawing that represents a specific moment and state of mind, like a daily abstract journal. In the past two years Geffen’s Dailydoodlegram account reached 84,000 followers worldwide and received wide media coverage from sources such as the official Instagram blog, BOOOOOM, Like Knows Like and more. The project was also represented in a number of exhibitions around the world.

Koketit – Shira Barzilay

Fun, flirty, colorful and cool are the guiding rules in Shira Barzilay’s world of fashion illustration. ‘Koketit’ (meaning ‘fashionably flirty’ in French-Hebrew slang and also the name of her brand), is a fashion illustrator based in Tel Aviv and has collaborated with fashion giants such as Roberto Cavalli, H&M and Ben Simon. In addition, Barzilay has launched a stylish and popular temporary tattoo line called Koketit – Not Forever Tattoos. Koketit is actually an illustrious fashionista who is a star in her own right. She models for campaigns and publications, and her face appears on her own plate’s collection – she even has her own blog. Barzilay regularly appears wearing different designer’s outfits and is seen in all major fashion events. She truly is the first Israeli it-girl of Instagram design.


YONIL (Jonathan Lax) is a graphic designer, illustrator and an artist currently living and working in Tel Aviv. YONIL works mainly with the music and fashion industry. His clients include acts such as Amanda Palmer, Asaf Avidan, Boom Pam, Balkan Beat Box, Cults and more. YONIL also runs and designs his own t-shirt brand under the same name. On his Instagram page YONIL shares his works, t-shirts, posters and process sketches.

DEADPRINT6 – Amit Naamani

Naamani’s art is a mesmerizing mix of images, words, drawings and snapshots of extensive thought patterns, as he infuses all of his life’s dreams, hopes and memories into his artwork. Naamani’s collage work combines both digital and handmade elements, using Photoshop for some digital work, and does the remaining on paper and sketchbooks using primarily black ink. He started producing art as a tattoo apprentice for a few years, but later left to focus on translating his rich inner vision into beautiful art. Naamani loves working in layers, putting paper upon paper, and drawing on a drawing. This represents the layers of his mind: through the artistic process, Naamani simultaneously discovers and expresses the crevices of his inner self.

Yulipanda – Yuli Serfaty

YULIPANDA‘s Yuli Serfaty is a visual artist born and raised in Tel Aviv, but currently living and creating in London. Growing up in artistic environment (her mother is an artist and her father is a product designer) greatly influenced who she is today. Visualizing and creating is Serfaty’s way of understanding and processing the world. In her studies, she explores the definitions of fine art and design, as well as the rich potential where the two areas intersect. Serfaty has been studying graphic design at Shenkar College for the past three years, and recently received the opportunity to take part in Central Saint Martins Study Abroad Program, which she is currently attending.