5 Jewelry Designers From Tel Aviv You Should Know

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17 October 2016

The Tel Aviv fashion scene is well-established due to its wide community of innovative fashion and jewelry designers operating across the city. Some designers work in the local market, while some are successfully operating worldwide, placing Tel Aviv as a center of fashion and style. Culture Trip brings you five jewelry designers to know, each one of them honing a unique style of their own.

Courtesy of Maya Geller

Maya Geller

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Maya Geller, Tel-Aviv
Maya Geller, Tel-Aviv | Courtesy of Maya Geller
Maya’s distinctive style draws inspiration from urban lifestyle. Maya creates timeless, unique yet innovative pieces. Her jewelry is all handmade and based on traditional Goldsmith artisanal techniques.
Maya’s collection is extensive, reflecting a variety of styles and materials such as silver and 14k-18k gold incorporating diamonds and unique stones. Her simple designs make a powerful statement, blending elegant refinement with sophistication and quality.
Maya’s jewelry is known to be favorited by several Israeli celebrities and also worn by world famous fashionistas such as Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung. They were also shown in fashion magazines Vogue UK and Glamour UK.

Ruby Star

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Ruby Star, Amiad Street
Ruby Star, Amiad Street | Courtesy of Ruby Star
Ruby Star is the brainchild of Tel Aviv based designer Shirly Itzik. Since launching in early 2000, Itzik has committed herself to creating an eclectic ensemble of collections that explores the boundaries of contemporary jewelry.
Shirly’s inspiration for each collection is drawn from different sources. She investigates and searches for new concepts and materials, all whilst establishing a distinct aesthetic and a signature style – a fusion of rough and delicate.
Itzik’s fascination with icons and symbols combined with her embrace of traditional techniques and historical references creates an imagery where ancient and modern coexist, granting a timeless quality to each piece.

Keren Wolf

Keren Wolf developed her distinguished sense of style from her theater days as an Israeli actress, and her frequent travels to Parisian vintage boutiques, from where she now sources most of her materials.

Keren’s jewelry and accessory designs draw their inspirations from prominent 20th century women. Her collections bring to mind images of a romantic era – a sense of nostalgia. Each piece carries its own handcrafted signature.

Courtesy of Keren Wolf

Keren’s jewelries have been worn by celebrities such as Super model Bar Refaeli, Vanessa Paradis, Clair Dance and others.

You can also see her pieces on the catwalks in fashion events around the world and fashion magazines such as Elle, L’official, Vogue Japan and Vogue Italy.

Courtesy of Keren Wolf

Shelly Dahari

Shelly Dahari is a Telavivian Jewelry and accessory designer. Her designs have a vintage/retro style, always enhanced with a romantic twist.

Shelly’s designs are made from a variety of materials, such as vintage plastic parts, handmade wood elements, vintage buttons, metals/ brass plated, Perspex and more. She uses these materials to create oversize, colorful jewelry with a strong presence and optimistic, joyful feel.

Shelly draws her inspiration from the material itself, but also from the notion of ‘time travel’ – whether from an old movie or an interesting image, a vintage object or anything else she finds exciting.

Courtesy of Shelly Dahari

Elina Gleizer

Elina Gleizer, is a jewelry and accessory designer as well as a skilled goldsmith. She lives, works and creates in Tel-Aviv. Her designs have a continuous dialogue between the outside world, human anatomy, form and ergonomics. All the pieces are handmade traditional gold crafting with varied technologies and materials, such as metal, wood, leather, semi-precious stones, textiles and plastics, all creating contemporary and fashion forward pieces of wearable art.

Elina defines herself as an Avant Garde designer: “I believe in innovation and unique personal style that is timeless. My drive is my passion [for] making extraordinary people express themselves in a rebel -elegant way.”

Courtesy of Elina Gleizer

By Liran Daniel

Liran Daniel, a sabra, was born and raised in Tel-Aviv. She lives and breathes its culture, music, fashion and stylish vibes. She is passionate about sharing her love for all the goodies TLV has to offer.

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