21 Things To Do In Jerusalem That Will Leave You Wanting More

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Updated: 19 June 2017
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The city of Jerusalem has many names for itself but boring isn’t one of them. There are so many cool things to see and experience in the city that you will need to come back more than once to try them all: here are 21 to get you started.
Light rail I

1. Take a ride on the Light rail

Purchase a ticket to take a ride on the light rail and travel from north to south of the city of Jerusalem. Don’t forget to take out your camera when passing by the old city.

2. Visit Machane Yehuda Market

A trip to Jerusalem wouldn’t be complete without taking a stroll in the busy Machane Yehuda Market. Stop and smell the fresh pastries and spices, sit down and have a cup of coffee or even stop to taste some of the best produce Israel has to offer. Release your senses with the spices in the booths surrounding the marketplace. Enjoy a one of a kind ethnic experience at the restaurants in the market.

The Old City I

3. An underground adventure under the Old City

Travel to the outskirts of the Old city and take a tour of the underground tunnel from the days of the Second Temple. Walk through the underground passageways and try not to bump your head.

4. Walk down the Via Delarosa

Walk down the Via Delarosa, the passageway that Jesus walked down before being crucified. Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and feel history in the palm of your hands.

5. Watch the sunrise

Watch the sunrise over the hills of Judea and understand why the city is called ‘the city of gold’.

6. Visit Susan’s House

Check out Susan’s House, a lively and active studio for creating art objects, which enables at-risk teens to reintegrate into a supportive and stimulating framework. There you will meet the youth and view a variety of art objects created under the guidance of Jerusalem’s premier artists and designers.

Arab Market in the Old City I

7. Live the ambiance in the Arab Market in the Old City

Haggle your way through the Arab market. You’ll never know what cool treasures you will find. Moreover, try and figure out some of the aromas that are in the air, it’s probably black coffee or mint tea.

8. Visit the Skate Park

If you are into skateboarding, try the obstacles at the newly renovated skate park located in the Liberty Bell Park.

Islamic Museum I

9. Time will stop at the Islamic Museum

See one of the world’s largest collections of clocks at the Museum of Islamic Art. Learn about how they ended up in a museum in Jerusalem.

Israel Museum I

10. Live the history at the Israel Museum

Stroll around a model scale of the Second Temple at the Israel museum. See the Dead Sea scrolls and enjoy the cool exhibits the museum offers annually.

11. Take a Segway ride

Take a ride on a Segway and travel through the beautiful neighborhoods of Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sheananim. Travel through the neighborhood of Mamilla and zip through the street mall. Stop for ice cream, highly recommended.

12. Visit the Bezalel Street Fair

Every Friday in the summer you can enjoy the Bezalel street fair. Over 120 artists come every week to share their craftsmanship with passer buyers who are always looking for something new to take home.

Kibbe Soup I

13. Delicious Kibbe soup in Ein Karem

Roll kibbe (a traditional Iraqi dumpling) with a Kurdish grandmother in the beautiful and green Ein Karem neighborhood. It’s an experience you really won’t find anywhere else in the city.

14. Visit the Yvel Visiter Center

If you like jewelry and wine, then you must visit the Yvel visitor center. Yvel is known to be one of the world’s leading brands of jewelry today. Located on the outskirts of the city, you will see the factory, learn the amazing story behind the company and taste some of the best wines Israel has to offer.

15. Cool off at the Teddy Park Fountains

Jerusalem’s summers can be scorching, thanks to the Middle Eastern climate. So, where should you go to cool off? To the Teddy park fountains. Every afternoon in the summer the fountains are activated for those who are just looking to enjoy a great time with the family and cool off as well.

Hummus in Abu Gosh I

16. Watch live music shows

On Yoel Moshe Salomon St. is the new music quarter, dedicated to music. The Quarter offers live music shows and great food.

17. Some of the best Hummus is in Abu Gosh

On your way up to Jerusalem, stop and try the hummus in the Abu Gosh village. Many say that the village serves the best hummus in Israel. Just don’t ask the locals about which restaurant serves the best one because they all claim that they are the best. Choose any restaurant and enjoy.

Tower of David I

18. The light show at the Tower of David

One of the cities spectacular shows isn’t presented by people but by light. The light show at the Tower of David Museum, tells the story of the city through lights and technology. Using the latest technology, this spectacular light show will take your breath away.

19. Visit the Secret Room

If you like strategy and thinking games, then you need to visit the Secret Room. What is it you ask? Well, find out more here.

20. Nothing beats yoga in the morning

Every morning at 7:00 a.m. you can join the locals in a yoga session at the First Train Station. Once you have finished your work out, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast at any of the various coffee shops the Station has to offer.

The Botanical Gardens I

21. Walk through nature in the city at the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical gardens of Jerusalem are a great place to spend the afternoon. Check out the species that only grow in Israel and the different exhibits that change annually.

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