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Burning Man Festival | © BLM Nevada / Flickr
Burning Man Festival | © BLM Nevada / Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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15 Photos That Prove Israel's Midburn Festival is Super Fun

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Israel writer
Updated: 6 October 2017
Midburn is the Israeli offshoot of Burning Man Festival, one of the most unique and extraordinary festivals in the world. Now in its fourth year, Midburn is an experience that most attendees will say is nearly impossible to describe in words. So, here are 15 photos that do the trick. Get ready to be mesmerised.

Midburn is a five-day festival where revellers set up a temporary ‘city’ in Israel’s Negev Desert, offering a total escape from real life and societal conventions. Money? You can forget about that – here you barter for goods and services.

A haven for artistic folks and other free spirited, adventurous types, the festival is based on the principles of self-sufficiency, intense community, and self-expression without bounds.

Midburn video is out on Gelmans production facebook page. Go check it out🌌

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Nothing much to see here. Just a giant pirate ship sitting in the Israeli desert.

Midburn was born after a group of Israelis returned from Burning Man proper in Nevada, USA, in 2011. Since its inception just six years ago, it boasts a strong community in Israel. 10,500 people (including foreign visitors) attending 2017’s festival.

מסגרות החופש

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The temporary desert city, which the majority of attendees have contributed to in some way, is divided into themed camps and structures.

Photo by @dor_nevo #midburn2017 #midburn #burningman

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Midburn offers a number of crazy parties from dusk to dawn.

The beach shack

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The landscape is littered with spectacular, highly creative artistic installations that Burners pitch within their community and begin building months in advance.

In keeping with the Burning Man tradition, structures built for the festival are set on fire, creating a dramatic and powerful sight.

Photo by @tombartov10 #midburn2017 #midburn #burningman

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These shots capture some of the majestic artistic installations that make this festival so special.

Lucid Dream #burningman #midburn #nomakimphotography

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A man in a dress walks past a belly dancer and a mock wedding featuring Gandalf; two photos that encapsulate the carefree, whacky, and self-expressive nature of Midburn.