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Tel Aviv Beach After The Storm | Courtesy Stav Melnik
Tel Aviv Beach After The Storm | Courtesy Stav Melnik
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15 Gorgeous Perspectives Of Tel Aviv, As Told By Culture Trippers

Picture of Ruthie Berber
Updated: 12 July 2017
The Culture Trip Tel Aviv Hub hosted a photo contest in partnership with Tel Aviv’s glamorous R2M Corporation in October 2015. The competition called for participants to share their perspective of the city (and of course, show off their photography skills). The result was phenomenal and the photos we received of Tel Aviv were breath-taking, we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. These are our picks of the submissions that truly capture the essence of the White City, in all kinds of light.

Rolling on the river at the urban Park HaYarkon.


South Tel Aviv by sunset, after a heavy storm.


Fully-fledged Summer seen on Tel Aviv’s lively beaches.


Sarina Rofe

Courtesy Sarina Rofé

Panoramic views from the perspective of Gordon beach.


Josh P

Submitted by Josh P.

The eerily beautiful Port of Tel Aviv by moonlight.


Ran K

Submitted by Ran K.

A Winter’s sunset you just want to dive into.


Hilla Ofman

Courtesy Hilla Ofman

An elderly local perched on a roadside bench, reading the morning paper.


Lotte Beilin

Courtesy Lotte Beilin

The city’s energetic Dizengoff Square in the center of Tel Aviv.


Tanya D

Submitted by Tanya D.

From the perspective of the city’s street smart furry friends.


Sophie W

Submitted by Sophie W.

Golden sunsets, shimmering seas and quiet sails.


ami almagor

Submitted by Ami A.

The view from up above (probably a hotel room).


Why they call it the White City, overlooking the Tel Aviv residential skyline.


Stav Melinek

Courtesy Stav Melinek

The calm after the storm; the coast as pictured from Jaffa.


Dogs have a very special place in the city’s collective heart.


winning comp pic

Submitted by Yulia D.

The winning photo, which caught the true blue nature of Tel Aviv.


By Ruthie Berber, The Culture Trip’s Tel Aviv Director of Culture.
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