12 Up-and-Coming Israeli Photographers To Follow On Instagram

12 Up-and-Coming Israeli Photographers To Follow On Instagram
With so many talented photographers around the world, Instagram enables a photographer to boost and publicize. Culture Trip Tel Aviv have been scouring Instagram accounts for some of the best photography talent in Israel. With hundreds and thousands to chose from these 12 are some of the best accounts you should be following.
View of Tel Aviv Courtesy of Oz Schechter

Oz Schechter

Incredibly, Oz Schechter has a relatively small following on Instagram, however, he is definitely one to watch. With photos of breathtaking views and bright blue colors of the mediterranean sea, you won’t regret following this gorgeous account.

Surfing in TLV Courtesy of Uri Magnus

Uri Magnus

This fabulous photographer is known for snapping the most awesome surfing photos. His account features everything related to water sports, surfing, and sailing. If you love action photos this is the account to follow.

Courtesy of Eranychief

Eran Yerushalmi

With a firm fan base, this Tel Aviv based photographer is heading in the right direction on Instagram. With a mix of stunning vivid beach sunsets, Eran Yerushalmi plays with color and texture producing photos that are simply candy for the eyes.

Courtesy of Solly Levi via Instagram

Solly Levi

Introducing another featured talent we cannot get enough of. Solly’s account sets itself apart by producing almost surreal images that are pieces of art. He loves to distort reality by playing with colors, shapes, and techniques with an absolutely stunning result.

Courtesy of Steven Winston Photography

Steven Winston

A Scottish import to Tel Aviv, Steven’s classic photographic style and love of food, faces, and flowers has captured our hearts. Steven is a photography enthusiast and a food fanatic. Follow him on Facebook to catch more of his fantastic photos.

Hold the Phone Courtesy of Michal Uli

Michal Uli

One of the challenges of photography is the ability to capture little snippets of everyday occurrences. Michal successfully does this with her smartphone in hand. Take a peek into Michal’s travels, adventures and everyday life when you follow her on Instagram.

Jaffa Beach Courtesy of Ido Biran

Ido Biran

Urban photographer Ido Biran is famous for his Tel Avivi account on Facebook and for featuring the best of tourism and general lifestyle in Tel Aviv. After working as an architectural designer, Ido started to widen his professional activity to art photography, and visual blogging.

Courtesy of Shamit Kaplan

Shamit Kaplan

Another remarkable account with breathtaking scenery on Israeli backdrops of beaches, sunsets, surfing silhouettes and more. Shamit plays with new photographic techniques to produce an impeccable macrovision effect.

Courtesy of Omer Koren via Instagram

Omer Koren

With beautiful portraits of Omer’s India travels, this account is filled with gorgeous flowers, Israeli beaches, black and white photos, and stark photos of nature. For a bit of wanderlust, this talented and skilled account is one to follow.

Courtesy of Yativ Simanovich via Instagram

Yativ Simanovich

Aged just 13 and already featured by Ig_israel, Yativ Simanovich has a bright future. With gorgeous blue skies and photos of endearing dogs and cats, not to mention the people of Tel Aviv, Yativ is one photographer to watch out for.

Courtesy of Mendy Michaeli via Instagram

Mendy Michaeli

Mendy doesn’t limit his photography to Israel, showing off his talent around the world. His account is filled with beautiful portraits, as well as shots of the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye. Mendy is incredibly creative in his ability to play images and distort reality, producing a spectacular result.

Courtesy of Tamir Avraham Via Instagram

Tamir Avraham

A skilled photographer, Tamir Avraham uses a Canon 5d to produce some of the most magical photos on Instagram. Tamir’s forte is capturing beautiful scenery of rocks and stones by the sea at sunset. He also features everyday life in Israel, food and nature. For unreal photos, follow this account to drift into his picturesque world.