12 Hottest International Brands You Didn't Know Were Israeli

Max Brenner | © drcw/Flickr
Max Brenner | © drcw/Flickr
Photo of Lior Kantor
27 November 2017

Israel, despite being a small young country in the Middle East, is known for its innovation and technology. TheStart-Up Nation is home to several co-operations, entrepreneurs and innovative technologies, but also to some less familiar brands related to cosmetics, food, and fashion, that you use every day and had no idea were based in Israel. Find out how many of these brands you know and love!

Max Brenner

Max Brenner restaurants and shops aspire to provide its customers with an overall experience involving the making, smelling and tasting of chocolate in all its forms. The brand operates more than 50 outlet locations around the world, with the majority in Australia. Very popular in Asia, the United States and Europe, as well as Israel, the Israeli brand started as a small local artisan chocolate shop by Israelis Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner who combined their names.

Max Brenner | slgckgc/Flickr


If you aren’t familiar with the name Waze, it is about time you got to know it, as this app will change your life! Waze is a GPS-based navigation app that collects map data, travel times and traffic information from users and transmits it to the Waze server for free, and is, therefore, able to alert users to any traffic slowdown, police or roadside work. Even though Waze can already be used anywhere in the world, it does require enough initial information in order to complete mapping and a consistent user base to update data to make it relevant. So far only 13 countries have a full base map, but the company, which was purchased by Google in 2013, is currently attempting to complete it by adding the entire world to its map database.


The famous cosmetics and bath products were first made in the mid-90s at a Tel Aviv home of two young Israelis who were inspired by aboriginal recipes they encountered during their travels. The name of the brand, Sabon, simply means soap in Hebrew, and is still sold in Israel under the name: “Sabon Shel Pa’am” – ‘Soap from the past’. The brand has since expanded to become the international chain it is today, with over 130 stores around the world, however, all of the products are still made in the Israel factory.

Sabon | Mike G/Flickr

Daniella Lehavi

Daniella Lehavi was a designer of leather bags, shoes and quality leather accessories. Since she passed in 2013 after a long battle with cancer, her son kept maintaining and developing the brand, with all of the products still designed and handmade in Israel. Her products are sold in a range of domestic outlets and in over 100 boutiques in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, and other worldwide locations.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Aroma is a self-service espresso bar chain and the leading Israeli coffee chain with 125 branches across the country. In recent years the successful chain has expanded to several international locations in the USA, Canada, and Ukraine, as well as some single locations in Cyprus, Romania, Kazakhstan, and Poland.


Ahava (Hebrew for love) is an Israeli cosmetics company that manufactures skincare products which are made from dead sea mud and minerals. The company started out as a stand selling bottles of dead sea mud to tourists, who used to scoop up the mineral-based compounds to take home. Today, Ahava has flagship stores in Israel, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore, being the only cosmetics company licensed by the Israeli government to mine raw materials at the Dead Sea.


The familiar home carbonation device is made by an Israeli company. The company was actually founded back in 1903 in England, but was most recently (1998) bought by Soda-Club, an Israeli company, and has since been establishing its place as the world’s largest home carbonation systems manufacturer. In addition, SodaStream provides over 100 types of concentrated syrups and flavourings to make fizzy drinks in the comfort of your home.

SodaStream | Ted Eytan/Flickr


One of the most successful Israeli start-ups of all times, Wix is a cloud-based platform that enables users to create and manage their own website without any knowledge of coding or HTML, using a comfortable interface of drag and drop tools. The company was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, and today it has 12 worldwide locations, over 1,400 employees and over 50 million users.

Wissotzky Tea

Israel may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of tea export, but it is the home of Wissotzky Tea, an international, family-owned tea company which has offices in London and the United States, but is based in Israel. Wissotzky Tea, one of the oldest tea companies in the world, is nowadays distributed worldwide in Europe, the UK, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea, Ukraine and the US kosher market.

Choosing Tea | Jakub Kapusnak/Foodiesfeed

Michal Negrin

Since starting out as a small market stall in Nachlat Binyamin’s craft market some 30 years ago, Michal Negrin, a brand selling designer romantic vintage jewellery and home design products, has expanded to over 65 stores in different locations. The brand’s concept stores with their colourful, enchanting design are hard to miss.

Jaffa Oranges

Jaffa orange is one of the most popular orange types, one that you must have had at some point in your life. The almost seedless orange has a tough skin that makes it particularly suitable for export, and it is, as you may have already guessed, originated in Jaffa. These days it is also grown in Middle Eastern locations. Israel is a prominent provider of oranges and other citrus fruits to the European Union, with more than half of the annual crop in Israel being exported.

Orange Blossom | Keilidh Ewan/Unsplash


Laline, Israel’s leading chain of cosmetics and lifestyle products. Starting out as a small store in central Tel Aviv, the brand is now a mega-chain with over 100 stores across the country in addition to international locations. The range of products, inspired by the Provence region of France as well as Israeli creativity and colour, includes beauty and body products, fragrances, grooming accessories, ambience products, leisurewear and more, all designed to pamper.

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