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Arik Einstein 1979, Courtesy of Flickr/GPO
Arik Einstein 1979, Courtesy of Flickr/GPO
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11 Unmissable Songs by the Iconic Arik Einstein

Picture of Deborah Moher
Updated: 26 November 2015
Arik Einstein was one of the most beloved and culturally influential rock musicians of contemporary Israel. Even after his passing his music is still popular and revered amongst young and old, transcending borders of time and space. Over a 50 year long career Einstein released hundreds of critically acclaimed songs that remain popular anthems for modern Israelis. With the anniversary of his passing we memorialize the iconic Arik and 11 of his most loved and unmissable songs.

Sa Le’at

Ha Shir Shel Toochi Yossi

Ohevet Le’heyot Ba’bayit

Atur Mitzchech

Gitara Ve’Kinor


Adon Shoco

Ani V’Atah

Ouf Gozel

Hechnisti Me’Tachat Kanfech

Pesek Zman

Arik Einstein z’l 1939-1913

By Deborah Moher, The Culture Trip’s Tel Aviv Director of Culture. Catch us on our TLV Twitter and Instagram.