This is the Middle East's Tallest Suspension Bridge – And it's Amazing

Meshkin Shahr Suspension Bridge | © Hmdbani / Wikimedia Commons
Meshkin Shahr Suspension Bridge | © Hmdbani / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Pontia Fallahi
26 April 2017

Northwestern Iran is known for its cooler climate and some of the most immaculate, unspoiled nature. A recent man-made structure to the abundant sites, however, includes a suspension bridge – the Meshkin Shahr – which offers spectacular views of surrounding mountains and valleys.

Two meters wide, 365 meters long (symbolic of the calendar days in a year), and 80 meters high, Meshkin Shahr Suspension Bridge in the northwestern Ardebil province is thought to be the tallest of its kind in the Middle East.

At this height, visitors have the opportunity to catch not only a breathtaking view of the surrounding Sabalân mountains, a dormant volcano whose crater freezes into a lake, but also the Khiavchai River which it hovers over. And during this past Iranian new year, locals and tourists wasted no time flocking to this bridge to witness the stunning landscapes during the first few days of spring.

Meshkin Shahr Suspension Bridge | © Hmdbani / Wikimedia Commons

The bridge’s namesake town, Meshkin Shahr, has great potential for tourism and plans are already underway to develop a tourist town that comprises hotels, spas, and entertainment.

Located just 85 km from Ardebil, a city which already attracts tourists to sites such as the UNESCO World Heritage site Sheikh Safi ad-Din mausoleum, Meshkin Shahr hopes to draw a portion of these visitors their way with this bridge and future projects.

Hot springs around this area, one of the most recognized of which is Shâbeel, famous for its giant orange lilies, make it a fantastic destination to unlock natural spa and wellness tourism opportunities. Hikers on their way to reach the Sabalân mountains also frequently make their starting point from this town.

A visit to the impressive bridge could be a great addition to your bucket list.

Visitors walk along the bridge which was inaugurated in 2015 | © auoob farabi / Wikimedia Commons

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