The Best Places to Go Shopping in Tehran, Iran

Tehran | © Ninara / Flickr
Tehran | © Ninara / Flickr
Photo of Pontia Fallahi
3 January 2018

Shopping in Iran is more than just a trip to the local bazaar. In fact, one of the things that makes it a breeze is that similar products are clustered in one area. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve selected the best streets and unique stores in Tehran to fulfill your shopping needs.

Tane Dorost

If you want something authentically Iranian, head to Tane Dorost, which offers clothes and accessories made of organic cotton and other natural fibers with textile prints from ancient Persia. Each season brings with it a new theme from a different period of Persian history (along with a brief lesson), with designs reminiscent of those you’ll find on ancient pottery throughout the museums.


If it’s something edible you’re after, there’s only one place to consider—Tavazo. Frequented even by locals (a great sign), Tavazo has several branches located throughout Tehran and offers high-quality dried fruits and nuts that you can sample before mixing and matching to create your trail mix. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone back home, you can be sure that what you take from here will be the absolute best.

Tavazo, 2258 Valiasr Avenue, South of Saei Park, Tehran, Iran, +98 21 8871 7094


Dried fruits and nuts | © Evgeniy Isaev / Flickr

Jomeh Bazaar

On Fridays, the multi-tiered parking garage of Parvaneh Mall converts into the Friday Bazaar, or flea market. Here’s where you can find a treasure trove of antiques, local handmade crafts, rugs, and clothes at bargain prices. It’s a must-have Tehran experience where you can easily spend hours admiring the range of products on offer. It’s also a great spot to try the seasonal street food, such as cold cucumber-yogurt soup, âsh, or falafel.

Jomhuri Avenue between Ferdowsi Ave. and Shirvani Alley, Tehran, Iran


Traditional Persian art meets modern design at Zeeen, located in the Palladium Mall. From fine home décor and rugs to fashion, jewelry, and accessories, Zeeen offers some of the most unique styles to add an elegant touch of contemporary Iran to your home or wardrobe. It’s close to impossible to walk out empty-handed.

Zeeen, Palladium Shopping Center, Moqadas Ardabili Street, Tehran, Iran,+98 21 2292 2919

Ferdowsi Avenue

Iran may not top the list of places you think about when it comes to leather, but it is, in fact, a long-existing industry that has been continually growing. In Tehran, Ferdowsi Avenue is the go-to spot for any leather bags or accessories. High-end, made in Iran brands such as Dorsa, Mashhad Leather, and Novin Leather, to name a few, could compete with their European counterparts, but likely with more pleasant prices in Iran.

Ferdowsi Avenue, Tehran, Iran

Villa Street

Take a left just after Saint Sarkis Cathedral onto Nejatollahi Street (more commonly known as Villa Street), and you’ll find endless Iranian handicraft stores. Exceptional traditional crafts such as the well-known mina kari and khatam kari from Esfahan are conveniently located on this street to make it a one-stop shopping destination for yourself or friends back home.

Nejatollah Street, Tehran, Iran

Traditional handicrafts of Iran | © A.Davey / Flickr

Traditional handicrafts of Iran | © A.Davey / Flickr

M Zone

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Tehran’s M Zone specializes in sports goods, but if you happen to be in town during their “Ladies’ Weekend” events held three or four times a year, make it a must-stop. During these weekends, it converts into one of the premier concept stores where you’ll be introduced to some of Iran’s most talented contemporary fashion designers who come to showcase their latest collections.

Grand Bazaar

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Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.
The Grand Bazaar dates back to the 15th century | © one-image photography / Alamy Stock Photo
When you think of shopping in Tehran, one place that comes to mind is the Grand Bazaar, and with good reason. Apart from being one of the highlights to experience in the capital city, the Grand Bazaar is one of the best places to shop for souvenirs. The rug bazaar, in particular, offers a wide array of styles, patterns, and sizes at competitive prices.