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Yellow tiles of Esfahan | © Venturist / Flickr
Yellow tiles of Esfahan | © Venturist / Flickr
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10 Iranian Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Picture of Pontia Fallahi
Updated: 14 February 2017
The global Instagram addiction has taken hold in Iran to become one of the most widely used social media platforms in the country. And with it, budding and professional photographers have blown away the cloud obscuring Iran to shed light on what life is really like in this misunderstood country. Here are 10 of the most inspiring and insightful Iranian Instagrammers you need to follow right now.

Happening Around Tehran @aroundtehran

Beautifully capturing daily life in the Iranian capital (especially on the metro), Happening Around Tehran feels like a polaroid scrapbook, snapping shots of people when they’re least aware and sharing those intimate moments with followers. Whenever your heart aches for Tehran, this account will have you scrolling endlessly to fill that nostalgic hole with a small glimpse of everyday goings-on in the city.

Sharing digital content | #aroundtehran #myaroundtehran_metro #everydayiran

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Crossing the road | #aroundtehran

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Different poses for morning headlines check! | #aroundtehran

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This account makes the seemingly impossible feat of making Isfahan even more magical than it already is a real possibility. It’s no wonder there are a whopping 18k followers, who no doubt applaud every time a photo is posted. For those who haven’t already visited the city, look no further for your inspiration to hop on a plane as soon as possible.

Persian beauty #instagram #airbnb

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Alternating between her personal shots and travels throughout Iran, this young painting student takes us not only through her day-to-day life, but also transports us to other cities through her more artistic lens. Her gallery makes it evident that painting is not the only field this up-and-coming talent has bright prospects in.

سال نو مُبارك 🌱🌺✨

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1/4 #arch 🏚 #VSCOcam #exploreshiraz

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Tomb Of Hafez 💫 #VSCOcam

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Mohsen Seyyed Kazemi @mohsen1330

This photographer is anything but amateur, taking snaps of ‘the corners of my homeland’, as his profile states in Persian. With just a sprinkling of faces and urban landscapes, Mohsen’s images are largely rooted in nature and rural countrysides. The account presents the extensive range of Iran’s geography that will have followers wondering exactly which corner of the homeland each photo was taken in – and how exactly they can get there.

Ershad Nik-khah @sizdahom

Followers can live vicariously through blogger Ershad Nik-khah’s hitchhiking adventures around Iran. This roadtripper announces his whereabouts via Instagram, so fellow travellers (or fans) can meet and exchange tips and experiences. With a contagious wide grin, his lighthearted sense of humour is transmitted through his captions… if only they were available in English.

Mohammad Meybodi @mohammadmeybodi

Based in the desert city of Yazd, this Instagrammer shoots mostly in black and white, playing immaculately with the concepts of shadow and light. Scrolling through his gallery, it’s clear Mohammad has a keen eye, having fine-tuned his skills with time.

yazd, Iran 2014 . #iran #yazd #instagram #hikaricreative #lensculture @lensculture

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Amir chakhmaq yazd

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Nastaran Farjadpezeshk @nastaran__fp

Using both black-and-white and colour photos, Nastaran’s shots take ordinary everyday events and make them extraordinary. She subtly dabbles with shadows, lines and hues to create stunning visuals. A truly inspiring collection that is sure to change followers’ own perspectives in their daily lives.

A forgotten corner of the town

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The brides

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According to his profile, ‘the world is beautiful, and photography makes it more beautiful’. With a background in architecture, this photographer takes abstract images, focusing on creating sleek lines and symmetry. Curious cats also make frequent appearances.

Hossein Fakhraee @fakhraee

Hossein Fakhraee features photos of the Persian Gulf city of Bushehr. With understated shots of life at home, on the streets and around the coastal waters, this Instagrammer shows a unique and lesser-known side of Iranian culture. The laid-back lifestyle and the elderly smoking wooden hookahs take centre stage in this small port town.

. طلوع این روزها . #dayyer #bushehr #Iran #mybushehr #mustseeiran #iranissafe

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Baha Morshedi @bahamorshedi

Writer Baha Morshedi has a good eye for detail and a penchant for making objects unworthy of attention especially noteworthy. Some of his best shots include photos of run-down doors and windows and spectacular street-art finds.

– اين در كجه #سر_به_هوا_باش

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– ایستاده ام در این جمله و او در اعماق این کلمات گم می شود

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– ديگه از دست شدم #گرافیتی_جرم_نیست

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