Airline Offers 'Neighbour-Free Seats', World Celebrates

© Aureliy / Shutterstock
© Aureliy / Shutterstock
Photo of Luke Abrahams
4 July 2017

So you get on your economy flight. You’re angry because you ended up with the middle seat. After battling down the aisle to get to get to it, you notice one woman with a baby, and a very hench, muscular man who really, should occupy two seats and does not understand the concept of personal space. Inside you are screaming, and wish you could just pay to have those seats all to yourself. Well, stop wishing, because Ethiad Airways is now introducing a ‘neighbour-free seat’ option to all of their long-haul passengers!

The Abu Dhabi-based airline announced earlier this month that it will give economy class passengers the option to buy up to three of their seats adjacent to where they plant their tushes, and yes, the world is celebrating. The nifty little service will allow passengers ‘to enhance’ their flying experience by literally bidding for up to three seats to avoid being crushed like a sardine – it’s all subject to availability, of course.

How does all this sorcery work then? Once you’ve booked your flight, you’ll receive an email notification a few days before you jet off, telling you which seats are up for bidding. Passengers are then given the opp to bid for three, but just keep in mind that there are minimum and maximum amounts for each flight – just think of it as in-flight gambling, fun! If you strike lucky, your neighbourless seats will be confirmed 30 hours prior to your plane whizzing off the runway.

Sounds like an awesome plan, no?

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