The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cardiff

Vegetarian Food Studio © dainty_dorine/Instagram
Vegetarian Food Studio © dainty_dorine/Instagram
Photo of Poppy Jacob
28 September 2017

There are plenty of options for eating out veggie style in the city of Cardiff where there’s more than just a nut roast or a mushroom risotto on offer. From tasty curries, to hearty fully vegan food, here’s our guide to the best restaurants.


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A family run restaurant serving up delicious authentic Italian food. This place is always lively and just the smell as you enter is enough to make you want to order everything on the menu. Dishes on offer are what you’d expect, more or less. Pizza is made in a wood fired pizza oven, visible in the open kitchen and comes out faintly smoky, chewy and crisp. The sauces are well-balanced, tasty and ingredients are fresh. For vegetarians there are a wealth of options, from just a simple margarita to a creamy pasta. They’ll do a vegan pizza if you ask.


Restaurant, Healthy, Vegetarian, $$$
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Milgi is a colourful restaurant/bar serving colourful food. Dishes are healthy, tasty, fresh and satisfying and most accommodate special diets such as vegan and/or gluten free. But just because the meals are plant-based, as goes their ethos, it doesn’t mean you’ll just be eating salad – with beer-battered halloumi and chips, burgers and tortilla stacks also on the menu. On Sundays they do a nut roast with all the trimmings and there are loads of homemade desserts to choose from, including ones made with raw ingredients and several for special diets.

Anna Loka

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This restaurant does big platefuls of indulgent, tasty vegan food. Chefs inventively use delicious substitutes for meat and dairy to ensure vegans don’t miss out on satiating, interesting and hearty meals – sausages made of seitan, eggs made with tofu, yogurt made with coconut… you get the idea. Choose from the ‘delicious and nutritious’ menu – things like Aubergine Fillet Stuffed With Turmeric Buckwheat, Cherry Tomatoes & Kale Crisps or Krishna’s Mighty Whole Food Bowl. There is also the ‘hot and hearty’ menu which has things like burgers and chilli dogs.

Gina's Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Street Food, $$$
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This cafe isn’t solely veggie food, but the veggie options are so delicious they’ll give even meat-fanatics food envy. It’s located just opposite Cardiff Castle and on one of Cardiff’s main city-centre streets, so is perfect for visitors to Cardiff to get a bite to eat while seeing the sights. Inside it’s colourful, relaxed and the food is typical South Indian fare: usually a small choice of about 3 curries (order the dosa to accompany yours – a rice pancake) and things like chai tea to go with them.

Vegetarian Food Studio

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Indian street food is made authentically here at good prices and you can even bring your own alcohol. There’s a big counter of sweet treats as you walk in, lots of shareable dishes and plenty of seating, so it’s great for a big group. If you’ve been to India, you’ll recognise traditional/street food delicacies on the menu. An example of what’s on offer: Paneer Dosa, a rice and lentil pancake filled with dry potato curry with grated paneer (cottage cheese) and green chillies. Served with sambar (red lentil soup) and coconut chutney (£5.45).