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Wil Johnson on Joining 'Outlander' as the Popular Character Joe Abernathy

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 5 September 2017
Wil Johnson is a well known actor in his native UK, but he is about to star in one of the biggest shows on the planet as he takes on the part of Joe Abernathy for the latest series of Outlander.

Abernathy is a colleague and confidant for Claire (Caitriona Balfe) as she embarks on a life in America and tries to make a name for herself in the medical profession.

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Johnson told us about what draws the two characters together and the difficulties they both face in going up against the established order of things in mid 20th-century Boston.

We also found out that although Johnson had little idea about the show before joining it, he now has a firm grasp on just how huge the Outlander universe is.