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Courtesy Of Marc Millar
Courtesy Of Marc Millar

The Top Must-Try Restaurants In Leith, Edinburgh

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Leith is a truly cherished and historically significant part of Edinburgh. The original harbour meets the Firth of Forth and dates back to the 14th century. It felt the footsteps of many notable figures from Mary Queen Of Scots to King George IV. History aside, Leith is also a prime location for finding some of the best food in Edinburgh. From fresh fish to Michelin-star worthy meals, explore the top restaurants in this beloved area of town.

The Kitchin

If only every kitchen could be like The Kitchin. This little beauty has received numerous awards, including a Michelin-star. Tom Kitchin is a culinary wizard, so expect to be enchanted and mystified with what appears in front of you. The setting is spectacular and the restaurant itself is the definition of classy and rustic chic. Just like the title of his book, anticipate local market ingredients ‘from nature to plate’. He uses the finest French cooking techniques as a means to transform the purest Scottish produce into an enticingly scrumptious bite of pure joy. Enough said.

The Kitchin, 78 Commercial St, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 555 1755

Tom Kitchin | Courtesy Of The Kitchin

Tom Kitchin | Courtesy Of The Kitchin

Restaurant Martin Wishart

Not only is Restaurant Martin Wishart one of the best eateries in Scotland but it’s also up there with the best in the UK. You’ll experience a culinary paradise when you step into this Michelin-star chef’s restaurant. The service is impeccable and not too pushy. The aesthetics of the place are sleek and serene. Most importantly, the food is to die for. Every dish looks like art and tastes like heaven. The combination of fresh local produce and this chef’s inspirational and delectable menu, gives it that extra pizzazz. This top-notch eatery exceeds expectations and receives multiple stars.

Restaurant Martin Wishart, 54 Shore, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 553 3557

Restaurant Martin Wishart | Courtesy Of Alan Donaldson

Restaurant Martin Wishart | Courtesy Of Alan Donaldson


Fishers is the kind of place that Edinburgh locals love to share when visitors appear. The location itself is highly impressive as the restaurant is situated in a 17th century watchtower. From there on, everything about it is just cool! The bar is bustling and the heads of guests swivel constantly as the trays of enticing food float past. This fine establishment is one of the best seafood restaurants in town. Words can’t do it justice, so just go. Expect the most enjoyable of dining experiences and probably the best seafood you will ever taste.

Fishers In Leith, 1 Shore, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 554 5666


Wine lovers may as well move into Anfora. These guys pay particular attention to organic and biodynamic wines, so anticipate some of the best sips of all eternity. Enjoy bottles from various independent producers from around the world. Swirl new and unique wines while savouring the taste of the brilliantly cooked food — they really do compliment one another. The cheese on top is that this culinary sanctuary is set in 17th century vaults and the oldest commercial building in Edinburgh. Expect a pleasant surprise and added bonus of incredibly reasonable prices.

Anfora, 87 Giles St, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 553 6914

Chop House Leith

Prepare to enter into a meat lover’s Eden as you step into a whole new land of incredible culinary possibilities — Chop House Leith. The name may sound a tad intimidating but wait until the quality has revealed itself. Expect meat, meat, and more meat. This is where to find that perfect cut, stellar steak, and mouth-wateringly good burger. The list goes on. Get ready to fall in love with the euphoric atmosphere. The cocktails are top-notch and they nailed it with having over 70 wine selections. May the drinks flow and the steaks keep coming!

Chop House Leith , 102 Constitution St, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 629 1919

Prepare to enter into a meat lover’s Eden as you step into a whole new land of incredible culinary possibilities © Courtesy of Chop House Leith

Prepare to enter into a meat lover’s Eden as you step into a whole new land of incredible culinary possibilities © Courtesy of Chop House Leith


Looking for pizza? Origano makes some of the best. Eating here really is a truly transformative experience. They pride themselves on using the freshest of ingredients and wow does it show in their food. The pasta is magnificent and the gourmet pizzas are outstanding. Every bit of dough is hand-stretched and made from the highest quality flour and the cheese works wonders for the taste buds. Go all out and try one of their tremendous puddings. Also, who knew that a salad could be so good? The interior of the restaurant is contemporary industrial with a chic twist. Marvel at all the reclaimed wood and arty accents.

Origano, 236 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 554 6539

The Compass

Everything about The Compass is superb. This wee gastro pub presents the most beautifully exquisite food and offers a delightful array of drinks to match. The ambience is jovial, chilled, and just plain hip. Consider this a perfect spot to meet up with friends and chatter the night away (with fine food and drinks, naturally). The Compass has that perfect balance of relaxed yet classy and always has this way of feeling like a second home. Don’t be surprised if live musicians spring up and utter a tune once in a while. This gem is as cultured as it is cool.

The Compass, 44 Queen Charlotte St, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 554 1979

Courtesy Of The Compass Leith

Courtesy Of The Compass Leith

By Tori Chalmers