The Top 10 Fly Fishing Spots in St Andrews, Scotland

Boats Anstruther | © Jason Thompson/Flickr
Boats Anstruther | © Jason Thompson/Flickr
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St Andrews is one of most scenic areas of Scotland, known for its beauty and renowned golfing scene. The area is also perfect for fly fishing. There are a number of notable spots in St Andrews where you can enjoy fishing from the banks and on boats whilst taking in the spectacular scenery that the area has to offer.

The River Tay

The number one place for fly fishing in St Andrews has to be the River Tay. Spanning a spectacular 117 miles, it is one of the longest rivers in the whole of Scotland. The River Tay is a paradise haven for all those who love fly fishing and offer services where you can catch the best of the sea and enjoy this relaxing sport.

Tay Rail Bridge | © Ian Woodward 1/Flickr

Goldenloch Fishing

The Goldenloch is exclusively for fly fishing and is the only fishing loch set in the beautiful countryside of North Fife, established in 1985. Capture the beautiful scenery whilst dealing with professionals who can help you fly fish whatever your age is!

Cameron Reservoir

This is a perfect place for fly fishing, as Cameron provides a large reservoir with some of the finest brown trout fishing. There is boat and bank fishing here, with six boats and 25 bank angling spaces available. Located in Fife, this is a perfect place to try out your fly fishing skills

Fife coast | © Chris/Flickr

Lomonds Hill Fishery

Lomond Hills Fishery is a fantastic trout fishery, but is also a great place if you want to go fly fishing. This beautiful place is set in arable land between the picturesque Lomond Hills, approximately two miles north-west of the village of Leslie, Fife.

River Eden

If you really want to do some adventurous fly fishing, then why not check out the River Eden, a 20-mile long river with increasing numbers of salmon and some sea trout. The best times to fly fish here are September and October.

River Leven

The River Leven has some breathtaking scenery and is known to have a good range of healthy trout. Get your fly fishing caps on and check out the amazing river trouts, salmon and rainbow trout.

Blue Christmas

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The picturesque area of Dunfermiline is perfect for fly fishing and will ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Here you can find brown trout, rainbow trout and salmon, and other services where you can buy your fishing gear!

River Spey

The River Spey is a renowned river in St Andrews for fly fishing. Here you can catch Atlantic salmon fly fishers who are known to come to the River Spey to grab a great catch. The river is wide and located in serene surroundings, making it another perfect choice for fly fishing.

River Dee

The River Dee is located is near the northern coast going right up to Aberdeen. Experience salmon fishing in this world renowned place, which attracts tourists from all over the globe.

River Tweed

The River Tweed is internationally famous for fly fishing and stretches up to the Scottish borders. Why not visit there today to grab a slice of the action and catch some wholesome salmon!

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