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© Joe Lodge/Flickr
© Joe Lodge/Flickr
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The Most Iconic Comedians Performing At Edinburgh Fringe 2016

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Updated: 7 August 2016
Anyone who is anyone knows that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a breeding ground for comedians new and old. Comedy has long dominated the Fringe, and it is astonishing to discover the legendary names that have performed at the Festival over the years. From Robin Williams to Robbie Coltrane, Mike Myers, Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand, Billy Connolly and Rowan Atkinson (you get the idea), Scotland’s very own comedic utopia has helped to cultivate true comedic icons. Brace yourself for the most side-splittingly hilarious comedians that are performing at the 2016 Fringe – this year will undoubtedly be a laugh and a half!

Alistair McGowan: 12th Impressions

Sometimes it can be hard to tell who the real Alistair McGowan is. After all, the guy is renowned for adopting other notable personas. From a stint as a tennis commentator to winning a BAFTA, it is no surprise that this British icon has such an extensive background in the entertainment and television industry. The multi-talented wonder delivers an array of impersonations in Alistair McGowan: 12th Impressions. Get ready for the grande finale of newly written comedy; word on the street is that it is set to be performed in his own voice – or is it really?

© Mohammad Jangda/Flickr
Awaiting the show | © Mohammad Jangda/Flickr

Russell Howard And Steve Williams: Work In Progress

No introductions needed. Just read the title (Russell Howard And Steve Williams: Work In Progress), then have a gander at the dates and times. Don’t miss these comedic geniuses as they natter away for half an hour each. Expect material that is brand spanking new, funny beyond comprehension and entirely unpredictable. Audiences will find themselves shaking with laughter over the new routines from these two incorrigible comedians. The best bit? Tickets will only set you back five quid!

© Festival Fringe Society
Fringe audiences | © Festival Fringe Society

Bridget Christie: Mortal

Clear the way and make room for the legendary Bridget Christie. This ‘queen of comedy’ takes absolutely no prisoners as she breaks all barriers with her wonderfully cynical wit. Bridget Christie: Mortal explores Christie’s views on death, sex, and … gardening! Don’t miss this gut-busting debut filled with genius epiphanies and spot-on hysterical observations. Christie will undoubtedly lasso audiences and commandeer their minds. Get ready to laugh: end of discussion.

© Salim Fadhley/Flickr
Bridget Christie | © Salim Fadhley/Flickr

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience

Whatever you do, don’t mention the war. Oh, and don’t be late for the most memorable meal ever. These fabulous Faulty Towers favourites return to the Fringe to serve audiences dinner in Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience. Expect the full works, with witty retorts and slapstick antics from hosts Basil, Sybil and Manuel. Unsurprisingly, these guys perform on London’s West End so anticipate a high-calibre performance. Spoiler alert – only a portion of the show is scripted. Anything can happen. BASIL!

© Edinburgh Blog/Flickr
Basil’s at it again | © Edinburgh Blog/Flickr

Amy Schumer Live

Put your hands together for the wine-drinking, foul-mouthed, cheeky, ‘It girl’ of American comedy – Amy Schumer! See her very first world comedy tour, Amy Schumer Live, and prepare to cry with laughter for the entire duration. This is kind of a big deal. Make sure to book early, as she will be performing in Scotland for one day and one day only on August 30. This kick-ass lady has so many strings to her bow that a sell-out performance of a lifetime is definitely to be expected.

I Don’t Believe It! An Evening With Victor Meldrew

Who would think that a petulant old bloke could be so downright hilarious? Yes, the news is true – he is back! The highly talented actor Richard Wilson returns with Britain’s beloved Victor Meldrew from One Foot In The Grave. I Don’t Believe It! An Evening With Victor Meldrew pays homage to that infamous episode where he single-handedly captivated the screen with no extras or supporting actors. If that isn’t enough to satisfy (it will be, rest assured), there also will be a question-and-answer time at the end. I simply don’t believe it!

Stu And Garry’s Improv Show

Witnessing improv in a live setting is unlike any other theatrical or comedic experience. Anticipate moments of raw comedy as Stu And Garry’s Improv Show is spontaneously crafted before your very eyes. The beauty of improv is that anything and everything can happen. These Festival favourites are residents of Edinburgh’s Stand Comedy Club, one of the city’s best stand-up spots. Prepare to be aching with laughter from the duo’s completely unrehearsed skits, and see how funny it can be when skilled comedians make things up on the spot.

© Edinburgh Blog/Flickr
The Stand Comedy CLub | © Edinburgh Blog/Flickr

Daniel Sloss: So?

From his highly relatable, self-deprecating tone to his genuinely funny ‘isms,’ this international comedic superstar should make Scotland proud. With a sizeable fan base and jokes to keep audiences entertained for hours, offer a big round of applause for this cheeky chap. Daniel Sloss: So? is clearly a legend in the making. Careful though: his brilliant wit, devilish demeanour, and perfect puns will make any amateur comedians green with envy. Say it isn’t so?

© North Charleston/Flickr
Audience laughter | © North Charleston/Flickr

Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down Five To Go

Marvel at the pioneers of comedy in Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down Five To Go for the ultimate sell-out performance. It may be a screening, but this shouldn’t deter Fringegoers from seeing the remaining Monty Python gang take to the stage to hypnotise audiences with classic sketches and songs. Consider this glorious occasion the reunion of all reunions, and watch John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam come together to recreate their magic. They may be one down in numbers, but their legacy will remain in the comedic realm for all eternity.