The Best Vintage Stores In Edinburgh

Pretty Penny | © Anika Rice
Pretty Penny | © Anika Rice
Scotland, with its die-hard tartan wearers and sporadic displays of kilts, happens to be a place where fashion screams fluidity and style appears in abundance. From ravishing 60s siren and dashing 40s debonair, to 70s disco funk queen, rummaging through rails of different decades, ironically, never gets old. Embrace a blast from the past, dress to impress and discover the best vintage stores in Edinburgh.

Herman Brown

A fabulous force to be reckoned with, Herman Brown is a cut above the rest. Since its conception in 1983, this stunner has meticulously sourced the best women’s and men’s clothing out there. What’s more, they’ve done so without the unwanted ‘fusty musty dusty’ feeling common to many vintage emporiums. From a myriad of clothes and jewellery, to accessories, you’ll never leave Herman Brown empty handed. Expect to find luxurious fashion picks, along with gloriously gaudy 80s and 90s gear from the HB Electronics range – it’s so ghastly its perfect!

Herman Brown, 151 West Port, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK +44 131 228 2589


A cabinet of clothing curiosity, Armstrongs is an ever-evolving time capsule tailored to all things retro, vintage, bespoke, random and rugged. Whether granny-chic with oversized Fair Isle knits, punk to the core with chains galore, tartan, leather, or 20s sophistication, Armstrongs literally has you covered from head to toe. Although a tad overwhelming, due to the sheer number of options, scanning over this hazy maze of unrivalled retro is the best kind of therapy. Those in need of a party dress, bashed up leather jacket, last-minute fancy dress costume or unnecessary accessories will lap it up like no tomorrow.

Armstrongs, 81-83 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK +44 131 220 5557

Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

Armstrongs | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

Those Were The Days

No need for sobering bouts of brooding nostalgia, head to Those Were The Days and relive those glory moments with the most precious fashion finds. A welcomed and meticulously curated blast from the past, this darling boutique showcases the best of bridal, women’s and men’s vintage finds from the 1920s all the way to the 1990s. From 50s gold tiered cocktail dresses and 80s pink sequined numbers, to high end designers like Chanel, Givenchy and Versace, every item is the perfect embodiment of its era. More of a spiritual adventure than a mundane shopping spree, a visit to this little beauty is always a day-maker.

Those Were The Days, 26 St Stephen St, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK +44 131 225 4400


A double whammy, Godiva sources the best independent designers with a penchant for sustainable, ethical and eco friendly clothes, while showcasing a fabulous assortment of vintage finds. Perfect for hipsters and rock stars alike, Godiva is adorned with a multitude of leather and denim jackets, easy-going checked shirts, figure-hugging skirts, dungarees and all the good stuff in between. All in all, it’s a dream place to show some pre-loved clothing a little extra TLC and a must for style pioneers eager to challenge the drab high street monotony.

Godiva, 9 West Port, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK +44 131 221 9212

Miss Bizio Couture

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Who says vintage clothing has to be all tat and no taste? Miss Bizio, an exquisite upscale vintage haven, holds the key to show-stopping dresses, jackets, and accessories. Although many of the items may come with a hefty price tag, there’s no denying the adrenaline rush when unearthing that bespoke Matthew Williamson jacket or pre-loved late 50s Gucci handbag. Founded by the brilliant Joanna Bizio, a master purveyor of all things vintage, Miss Bizio Couture is a one-stop shop for the ultra swanky and glamorous vintage collector.
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Carnivàle Vintage

Market, Store
Colorful rails at Rose Market Vintage
Colorful rails at Rose Market Vintage | Courtesy of Rose Market Vintage
There’s a reason why Carnivàle Vintage, with its ever-expanding selection, is a magnet for locals and vintage enthusiasts. Renowned for having one of the greatest vintage selections in the city, this supreme store will never let you down. Timeless pieces from the 1940s all the way through to the 1970s make for a truly transformative shopping experience. They feature both menswear and women’s, along with jewellery and furniture, so finding that one-off retro staple is never a chore.
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