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The Best Places In Edinburgh For Pizza

Picture of Tori Chalmers
Updated: 9 February 2017
If pizza were to take on a human personality, it would certainly be the life and soul of the party. So, what is it that makes this Italian specialty so popular? Perhaps it is the way in which the cheese fuses beautifully with the dough. Then again, nothing beats that feeling of friends gathering around sharing a slice of pie. Either way is as good a guess as any. Despite preconceived notions, not all pizza in Scotland is deep-fried. That being said, here is our guide to the best places for pizza in Edinburgh.
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Those who take their pizza love seriously (quite rightly) should look no further. Savour a true taste of Italy right in the heart of Edinburgh at Origano. After all, they say it is the best in the city. The pizza here is utterly delicious and made to perfection. And, there is something about that dough that makes you crave more. Expect a vast choice of tantalizing fillings, a buzzing atmosphere, hip surroundings, and so much pizza that you will be singing ‘Mambo Italiano’ in your sleep.

Origano, 236 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 554 6539

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Söderberg’s take on pizza is quite simply divine. This Swedish bakery has set up fort on many locations all across town. Expect a surge of serenity and all things calm as you walk into Söderberg. The exposed glass invites an abundance of light and the sleek, minimalist furniture transports you directly to Sweden. The pizzas are expertly crafted and made in house from sourdough. Expect the perfect amount of crispy and chewy merged with ultra fresh, clean ingredients.

Söderberg, 31 Queensferry St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 225 8286

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La Favorita

It is no surprise that La Favorita is a favourite in Edinburgh when it comes to pizza. They deliver too — in Fiat 500s. Rumour has it that the secret is all in the dough. These guys are sticklers for tradition but with a modern twist, and every single slice is meticulously planned and crafted like an edible piece of architecture. When the finished pie appears in all of it’s glory straight from the stone oven (just like it should), pizza lovers of the world can unite and celebrate these dough extraordinaires.

La Favorita, 331-325 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 554 2430

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When you think of Italy, you think of a close-knit family atmosphere and food being at the centre of these great gatherings. Experience that intimate Italian setting and head to the historic Grassmarket area for American style stone-baked pizza at Mamma’s. Good luck choosing from the enticing toppings — there are over 40. This award-winning authentic pizzeria has been in business since 1985 and was the very first pizza delivery place in Scotland. Expect an abundance of local beer, a fantastic range of gluten free options, and a menu fit for Don Corleone himself .

Mamma’s, 28-30 Grassmarket, Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 225 6464

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Nonna’s Kitchen

Nonna’s Kitchen in Morningside has impressed the pizza lovers of Edinburgh since 2010. This family-run contemporary Italian restaurant is the brainchild of the same family responsible for the highly renowned ‘Patio’ restaurant on Hanover Street. Expect a joyous atmosphere and sleek, chic, and modern interior. The pizza bases are wonderfully thin while also being crisp and light. Expect all the usual suspects when it comes to toppings. The classic margherita is second to none and those who like their meats should tuck into the prosciutto crudo.

Nonna’s Kitchen, 45 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 466 6767

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Feed the mind, heart, and soul and devour pizza from the highly regarded pizzeria Anima. ‘Anima’ is the perfect name for this divine place as it means ‘soul’ in Italian. It is easy to taste the passion in every bite of Gino Crolla’s award-winning pizzas. Crolla comes from the highly acclaimed family-run fish and chip shop L’Alba D’Oro. This knowledge alone is enough to trust in him. After traveling to Italy and perfecting his safe-guarded recipe, Crollo continues to successfully create pizza masterpieces in the heart of Scotland.

Anima, 11 Henderson Row, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 558 2918

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Foodies can dance their way into Amorone Italiano style before delighting in their artisanal pizza. Everything is fresh to order and the ingredients are top-notch. The setting is beautifully sophisticated, romantic, and glamorous. Don’t leave without enjoying a glass of their carefully chosen wine. The expertly crafted traditional flatbread pizzas are laden with the most delectable stringy mozzarella. These are the kind of pizzas that create memories.

Amorone, 12-13 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 523 1171