The Best Places For Hot Chocolate In Edinburgh

© Rego Korosi/Flickr
© Rego Korosi/Flickr
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14 March 2019

Hot chocolate is hands down the don of all comfort drinks. Coffee is great but too much can leave you antsy. Tea is a treat, and yet, it can result in you needing more. From irresistible marshmallows to a soothing touch of vanilla and fluffy whipped cream, hot chocolate always hits the spot. With this in mind, a hunt for the best is a worthy mission. So, without further ado, indulge and delight in the top places for hot chocolate in Edinburgh.

Mary’s Milk Bar

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For the greatest hot chocolate in the city, look no further than Mary’s Milk Bar. Expect a hot chocolate paradise with a genius twist. Mary happens to be a gelato graduate from the renowned Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. However, her hot chocolate ice cream float is so good that it should be made illegal. The homemade chunks of chocolate are melted beautifully before undergoing a divine transformation into a drink of dreams. Those with indecisive tendencies may have issues choosing from a whopping selection of enticing — and somewhat unique — different hot chocolate flavours. The simple solution would be to taste them all. Why not?

Chocolate Tree

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Chocolate Tree, Edinburgh
Chocolate Tree, Edinburgh | © Maxime Loncke/Flickr
Chocolate Tree deserves so much attention. As the only bean to bar chocolate maker in Edinburgh, this place bears the finest sweet fruits of all time. Every ingredient is pure, organic, and ethically sourced from cocoa plantations. The cocoa pods — from which the chocolate appears — are pesticide free and filled with sheer goodness. Consider this hot chocolate a shining beacon of hope. Choose from an array of superb mixes such as hazelnut, rose, vanilla, and winter spice. One sip will plant a perfect seed of hot chocolate happiness.

Brew Lab

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Brew Lab serves speciality coffee and delicious food
Brew Lab serves speciality coffee and delicious food | © Brew Lab
Brew Lab is one of the trendiest specialty coffee bars in Edinburgh, and from cool coffee bars come the hippest hot chocolates ever. These guys know exactly how to brew the perfect mix, so expect good times all-round. The hot chocolate emerges like a vision smiling from ear to ear, the presentation is simply delightful, and the taste is second to none. Those who appreciate fine quality ingredients and independent coffee shop vibes will feel right at home. Oh, and the baristas are trained ninjas of the hot drink world. Trust in them to whizz up a chocolate concoction fit for Willy Wonka himself.

Hotel Chocolat Café

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Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate | © stevepb/Pixabay
This swanky chocolate spot is a playground for sweet-toothed folk. Hotel Chocolat Café sports an impressive array of upmarket chocolates which taste as good as they look. Consider their award-winning cocoa plantation in St Lucia the secret behind their success. Expect to find a wonderfully made hot chocolate with the perfect milky-sweet ratio too. Craving the classic hot chocolate? This is a grand pick for precisely that. Prefer to mix it up? Delight in hazelnut, salted caramel, and even chilli (to name a few). At the end of the day, all stresses will evaporate the moment a hot chocolate from here touches the tongue.

Coco Chocolatier

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Coco Chocolatier is a mecca for chocoholics. Since 2004, these artisans have been one of Edinburgh’s most sought after chocolatiers. All ingredients are ethically traded and organic. The cherry on top is that these gurus still practice traditional chocolate making rituals today. Coco’s transports people to a bygone past where chocolate was hand wrapped and homemade was the only option. Undeniably, their hot chocolate is heaven in a mug. Bear in mind that the richness of the cocoa powder is not for the faint-hearted, it punches with tantalizing flavors. From salted caramel milk to lemongrass and vanilla, Coco Chocolatier has something for everyone.
Note: Coco Chocolatier at Bruntsfield Pl. provides tins of hot chocolate to take home, whereas the shop at Raeburn Place serves freshly made hot chocolate drinks for everyone to enjoy.


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Lovecrumbs has a stellar reputation and is also a dreamland where cakes and hot chocolate reign free. The secret behind the success? Passionate and immensely talented sweet-toothed wonders who create some of the best chocolaty creations of all time. The hot chocolate is devilishly delicious to say the least. Although every sip speaks for itself, the way in which the flavours merge so wonderfully with the enticing selection of cakes is almost too much (it really is too good to be true). For those who like to release all inhibitions and indulge to the extreme, this is the place to be.
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