The Best Korean Restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland

Chodung Sundubu 03 | © Chodang Sundubu/Flickr
Chodung Sundubu 03 | © Chodang Sundubu/Flickr
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Freelance Journalist16 December 2017

If you love Korean food, then you won’t be disappointed in the range of exceptional Korean restaurants right in the heart of Glasgow. If you want to get a taste of the exotic, then you will love Korean cuisine which is full of flavour and boasts sensational seafood every time. Here is Culture Trip’s take on the best Korean restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland.

Kimchi Cult

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Kimchi Cult is Scotland’s first Korean fast food restaurant based in Glasgow and serves up a delicious menu full of authentic Korean cuisine and innovative punk fusions of Korean food, such as a special Jeonju regional recipe, passed down through generations of Korean matriarchs. Here, you can enjoy good old Korean favorites, such as fermented veg, pickles and marinated meat balanced by five colours and five tastes – a truly mouthwatering experience.

Nam Tuk Tram

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This restaurant serves up delicious Korean food in addition to other varieties from the Pan Asia region such as Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Why not treat yourself to a really spicy Korean curry or opt for some signature Korean dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds!


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Shilla serves up authentic Korean cuisine in the heart of Glasgow’s West End. Popular with both residents and tourists alike, this restaurant has a diverse menu to choose from. Whether you want to try some Korean soup or fried rice, there is something for everyone.


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If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy a spot of Korean cuisine, then pay a visit to Mujigae Restaurant. Mujigae offers a range of authentic Korean dishes in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the food. Located in the heart of Glasgow, you can enjoy the fresh-tasting dishes in peaceful surroundings.