The Best Galleries And Museums in St Andrews, Scotland

St Andrews Cathedral Museum | © sobolevnrm/Flickr
St Andrews Cathedral Museum | © sobolevnrm/Flickr
Photo of Tori Chalmers
23 June 2017

St Andrew’s charm doesn’t end with the world’s greatest golf courses and prestigious ancient university! This multifaceted town boasts a whole host of cool things to see and do. Here, we round up the best art galleries and museums in St Andrews.

The British Golf Museum

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Historic Golf Poster In St Andrews
Historic Golf Poster In St Andrews | © Mike Licht/Flickr
Home to Europe’s largest and most raved-about golf memorabilia, the critically acclaimed British Golf Museum is a hotbed of golfing ingenuity overflowing with mind-boggling facts. Strategically situated overlooking the Royal and Ancient Golfclub Clubhouse, this museum ticks every box with its vast array of top notch exhibits documenting golfing history from medieval times to today, exclusive shop and delightful rooftop café. With over 17,000 objects to its name and the epic menu of ever-changing exhibits, even self-confessed golf savants will leave with an abundance of new golfing knowledge — it’s all par for the course!

Museum Of The University Of St Andrews

Museum, University
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As Scotland’s oldest university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world (founded in 1410), it’s only fitting that St Andrews University has its own museum. MUSA or the Museum of the University of St Andrews is a treasure trove of mind-reeling objects. This multi-award winning cabinet of unwavering curiosity boasts over 112,000 artefacts, each of which tell their own story. Highlights include the medieval ceremonial maces, awe-inspiring Chalmers stained glass window from St Salvator’s Chapel, interactive displays and talking telescope on the breathtaking viewing tower.

Fraser Gallery St Andrews

Going strong for over 150 years since its opening in 1862, Fraser Gallery St Andrews is one of the oldest privately owned galleries in Scotland. A gem within a gem, this charming art space is laid out in a commendable manner and champions the crème de la crème of Scottish contemporary artists. Welcoming and bright, Fraser Gallery caters to art aficionados graced a discerning eye with its stand-out pieces set to stir the soul.

Fraser Gallery St Andrews, 53 South St, St Andrews, Scotland

St Andrews Museum

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A space dedicated solely to the heritage of the town of St Andrews, St Andrews Museum basks within Kinburn Park inside a beautiful mansion house dating back to the Victorian era. Situated in the downstairs gallery, St Andrews A-Z covers the town’s history thanks to the array of enthralling objects. The temporary exhibitions span numerous themes and are housed upstairs in the Kinburn Gallery. Cafe In The Park is perfect for peckish times thanks to the spread of homemade goodies which always hit the spot. For gift ideas or souvenirs, don’t forget to scan the shop for must-have arts and crafts by local artists.

St Andrews Cathedral Museum

Cathedral, Church, Ruins
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The St Andrews Sarcophagus
The St Andrews Sarcophagus | © Son Of Groucho/Flickr
Built in 1158, the ruinous state of St Andrews Cathedral, the largest church ever to grace bonnie Scotland, is a wondrous snippet of what was once the HQ of the Scottish Medieval Catholic Church before its abandonment during the Scottish Reformation. Visit the St Andrews Cathedral Museum to delve deeper into the riveting history of this profound holy place and resting site for the bones of St Andrew himself. This wee museum also hosts an array of medieval sculptures worth scanning. Tickets include access to the enchanting St Rule’s Tower and one of the most memorable views in St Andrews.

St Andrews Trust Museum

Perfect for a spontaneous pit spot, the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum offers visitors a historic insight into St Andrews life through the ages from the low down on its people to its status as a golf mecca and university town. This small museum plays hosts to a range of changing exhibitions in the upstairs area as well as permanent displays. The award-winning garden is an oasis of calm.

St Andrews Trust Museum, 12 North St, St Andrews, Scotland

The Bell Pettigrew Museum

From ancient fossils to extinct species, the Bell Pettigrew Museum unleashes the inner zoologist in all who come across it. This spellbinding space of zoological intrigue evolved from a Victorian teaching museum and is part of the University of St Andrews. Highlights include Narwhal tusks (for years, many believed these tusks were the horns of unicorns, Scotland’s national animal), extinct species like the dodo and moa, and a leg cast of a Diplodocus, to name a few. A true pocket of unexpected amazement.

Bell Pettigrew Museum, Bute Medical Buildings, School of Biology, Queen’s Terrace, St Andrews, Scotland

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