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© Jörg Schubert/Flickr
© Jörg Schubert/Flickr
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The Best Edinburgh Vintage Stores For 90s Fashion

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Updated: 6 January 2017
The 90s fashion scene is back. Who doesn’t love a bit of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren merged with the rock and roll grunge movement that Kurt Cobain helped kick start? Think about it — Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were in their prime and the world was inundated with an array of varying looks from crop tops to slip dresses, flannel shirts, chunky sweaters, and suit jackets. Stock up on scrunchies, don the tartan mini skirt, throw on a leather jacket and delight in the best Edinburgh vintage stores for 90s fashion. Perhaps steer clear from the infamous Jennifer Aniston ‘Rachel’ haircut though.
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Any and every Edinburgh native knows about Armstrongs. After all, when it comes to vintage fashion and unique statement pieces, this shop is light years ahead of the rest. Stepping foot inside this treasure trove is like entering into Wonderland — the mind has no choice but to adapt to the strange yet stunning surroundings and some serious self-control must be sought. Expect the full works and a journey through all the decades via the magnificent selection of garments. Every single surface is adorned with costume jewelry, furs, feathers, brilliantly tacky items, shirts, and denim jackets (to name a few). Oh, and expect a plethora of hats and all kinds of leather from blazer jackets to biker gear. 90s fashion enthusiasts will walk out of this goldmine looking like a ghost from 90s past.

Armstrongs, 81-83 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 220 5557

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Herman Brown

The 90s jewelry was filled with peace signs, mood rings, and a mind-boggling amount of choker necklaces. Oh, and remember those heart shaped Tiffany & Co. bracelets and necklaces? Although you may not find that iconic 90s tattoo type choker (yes, it’s made a comeback) at Herman Brown, you are guaranteed to find a few classier options. Those desperate to channel their inner Gwen Stefani may be better suited to this incredible vintage store. Expect fabulous finds from all the decades and couture clothing in abundance. Although Herman Brown places particular attention to jewelry and accessories, they also have a brilliant selection of unique garments. It is likely that those 90s minimalist slip dresses may be hovering in the rails. Also, don’t be surprised to come across those signature chunky sweaters and buffalo boots.

Herman Brown, 151 West Port, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 228 2589

1980's/90's Rowan jumper + work boots #1990s #1980s #grungeknitwear #hermanbrownvintage

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Rusty Zip

Consider Rusty Zip the Baby Spice of vintage stores in Edinburgh. It may not be as popular as Sporty, Scary, or Posh, but it certainly cannot be ignored. This little gem of a cove is owned by Armstrongs, and visitors can expect a stellar collection of old school sweatshirts, denim, and quirky one-off finds nestled throughout. Although similar to Armstrongs in their picks, don’t be surprised with even lovelier price tags and lots of finds crammed into one place.

Rusty Zip, 14 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 226 4634

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Those Were The Days

Take a trip to Those Were The Days and complete that perfect grunge look with a chic twist. More of the Alicia Silverstone ‘Cher’ type from Clueless? Either way, these clothing connoisseurs are ahead of the game and never cease to wow with their stunning fashion choices. It is easy to spot the gems in this vintage haven, as everything is the definition of fabulous. Don the signature backpack, opt for that minimalist slip dress, and make a statement with a tartan miniskirt. Whether the pink fluffy pen or trippy red Cobain sunglasses are your accessory of choice, this vintage dreamland of a boutique successfully caters to all. Indulge in a welcome blast from the past.

Those Were The Days, 26 St Stephen St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 225 4400