The Best Bakeries in Glasgow, Scotland

Pastries at Jason Bakery
Pastries at Jason Bakery
Photo of Tori Chalmers
1 March 2017

If you dream in sugar, live for carbs and could preach all things butter until the cows come home, then bakeries need no introduction. From sinfully satiating cakes and glorious dollops of icing, to doughy homemade bread, Glasgow hosts a bounty of bakeries awaiting sampling. Here are the ones you simply can’t live without.

My Home

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Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake | ©Yoruhana/ Flickr

Scrumptious and fail-safe, My Home could not be more appropriately named. Everything about it instills warmth and endless happiness. The carrot cake is a serious contender for the best on the planet, the range of tasty gluten-free cakes impressive, the specialty sausage rolls gold dust, the scones sublime and the pastries exceptional. With raving reviews, ridiculously friendly staff and divine culinary delights, My Home is quite simply as flawless as its food.

Cottonrake Bakery

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You can find French desserts to die for in Cannes
You can find French desserts to die for in Cannes | © sylartinitaly / Flickr

Those with a penchant for perfect will take to Cottonrake Bakery like clotted cream to a scone. In a league of its own, this charming little pocket of bliss is a sanctuary of all things sugary, fluffy and buttery. Unsurprisingly, a tribe of trusty locals flock here by the masses just to taste their fresh cakes, savouries and bread. For edible art worthy of The Great British Bake Off, make sure to devour the French patisserie selection and British home baking. Those tarts though!

Bakery 47

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Homemade Gluten Free Bread
Homemade Gluten Free Bread | © Katarzyna Wojtasik/Shutterstock

A bakery with a big heart, Bakery 47 is both visionary and transformative. Meticulously prepared artisanal bread, croissants, cakes and sweet bites moulded and baked to perfection by a kick-ass husband-and-wife duo, with each bite comes a new tasty discovery. Sourdough is their specialty and chilled is their mantra. Make sure to get in while it’s hot, as these baking aficionados close when the shelves are empty. A mandatory sweet-toothed foodie pilgrimage.

Tantrum Doughnuts

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Wonderful Sprinkle Doughnut
Wonderful Sprinkle Doughnut | © Sebastian Dooris/Flickr

Calling all doughnut lovers! A one-stop shop for taste bud overload, Tantrum Doughnuts is the best in town and probably the world. Choose from the airy yeast-raised brioche or classic old-fashioned and cracking glazes, compotes, custards and fillings – the fluffiness will do the talking. The grand finale is undeniably the genius flavours – chocolate hazelnut filled, maple candied bacon and pork crackling, yuzu meringue and green tea sugar, raspberry jam, honey glaze and almond brioche ring – which always result in a gastronomic party. The pastry chefs are master purveyors of all things dreamy, with the average doughnut day commencing at 2AM to ensure the dough is just right.

Seb And Mili

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Sandwich | © Pexels

Cute as can be and decadent to the core, Seb And Mili is a little paradise on earth. This artisan bakery has two dashing locations, St Vincent St and Finnieston, both specialising in all the good stuff. And of course, it’s all made from the most exquisite ingredients. A testament to the addictive taste, Seb And Mili baked goods can be found frequenting over 90 of Glasgow’s greatest culinary haunts. The epitome of fresh, the pastries work wonders, the sandwiches are insanely tempting, the bread bellissimo, the meat cured and smoked in-house and the chutneys, jams and sauces sensational. Take-away or sit in, this multifaceted spot is a day-maker.


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Like a tiny box of chocolates, it may look small, but that never impacts the wealth of ginormous flavours inside. Compact and masterful, Riverhill is as good as it gets. The sumptuous selection of cakes, sweet treats and bread bites are made fresh daily without fail and the coffee is on-point. A buzzing place during lunch breaks and mid-day snack time.

Tapa Organic Bakery

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Tapa Bakehouse, Glasgow
Tapa Bakehouse, Glasgow

Whether in need of a cheeky mid-day pick-me-up or a gorgeous loaf for Italian night, Tapa Organic Bakery always hits the spot and then some. Organic ingredients, invigorating and sprightly coffee, cakes galore and the best of breads make this little bakery tick. A firm favourite among locals, the staff are delightfully cheery and the worldly eats unsurpassable. Ideal for those who love their baking bites crafted from pure produce. Do not leave without at least one slice of their bread.

The Little Sourdough Bakery

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Too tempting to be true and utterly delectable, The Little Sourdough Bakery is a wondrous union of tastes. The cherry on top is that it gets delivered straight to your doorstep or work place on a Friday. The brainchild of a sourdough connoisseur, this delivery-style bakery produces the best of savoury Danish pastries, sourdough brioche rolls, ever-changing sourdough loaves inundated with enticing and exotic flavours and sourdough sweet eats, like chili chocolate orange cakes dipped in ganache and rolled in roasted hazelnuts. Tempted? You should be.