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Comic Artist Frank Quitely Drawing | © Pat Loika/Flickr
Comic Artist Frank Quitely Drawing | © Pat Loika/Flickr

Must-Visit 2017 Exhibitions In Glasgow

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Updated: 28 February 2017

You don’t have to search far in Glasgow to find enticing new exhibitions. From the ultra arty to the evocative and thought-provoking, explore our round-up of the best exhibitions 2017 has to offer.


📅 Friday, 17th February – Sunday, 17th September 2017

An almost anthropological investigation with the aim of unearthing the truth, Polygraphs is a group showcase at GoMA. The exhibition, which is centered around Abstract (2012), a profoundly powerful video piece by Berlin-based writer and filmmaker Hito Steyerl, features a whole host of talented artists. Through the creative vehicle of art, the exhibition will challenge notions of truth as society sees it and explore the links with global economics, the arms trade and the ‘seemingly distant’ battlefield.

Tickets: Free

📍Gallery Of Modern Art Glasgow, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, Scotland, +44 141 287 3050


📅 Monday, 1st May – Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Thought provoking and necessary, Balconies delves deep into the history of the building where GoMA resides, and offers visitors a visual walkthrough of the building’s varied history. It will examine the building’s role in the slave industry, its days as a tobacco house and stint as a bank, while answering many unanswered questions. The exhibition will then travel through time before providing an insight into GoMA’s role today — showcasing contemporary masterpieces. Balconies will entail an impressive 2D display spanning across Balcony 1 and 2.

Tickets: Free

📍Gallery Of Modern Art Glasgow, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, Scotland, +44 141 287 3050

Frank Quitely: The Art Of Comics

📅 Saturday, 1st April 2017 – Monday, 1st October 2018

Set in the striking Kelvingrove, Frank Quitely: The Art Of Comics is set to be one of the best Glasgow exhibitions of 2017. Appropriately timed in an era where the superhero genre attracts enormous attention, this exhibition explores the life works of Scottish and Glaswegian artists and writers like Frank Quitely, Mark Miller (KickAss) and Grant Morrison (DC Comics Batman and All Star Superman). Saving the worldwide industry of comics one step at a time, these deftly talented creatives put Scotland on the map as a hub of comic gurus. The enticing mixture of interactive displays and original artworks make this the largest Frank Quitely exhibition ever.

Tickets: £7

📍Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum, Argyle St, Glasgow, Scotland, +44 141 276 9599

Iveta Smidt – Though I Am Free

📅 Thursday, 18th May – Sunday, 28th May 2017

Though I Am Free at New Glasgow Society, a civic society dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Glasgow, is an exhibition showcasing the most recent works by artist Iveta Smidt. The exhibition will display a collection of paintings showcasing an innovative use of black and white, and a series of ‘ready to use’ items. Smidt, a creative whirlwind, is a Lithuanian artist and designer based out of Glasgow, with a discerning eye for capturing emotion in all of her work.

📍New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle St, Glasgow, Scotland 

Tickets: Free

Claire Barclay: Yield Point

📅 Friday, 10th February – Sunday, 9th April 2017

Yield Point, an installation piece by artist Claire Barclay, highlights the relationship and links between the industrial workplace and the human body, playing particular emphasis on strength versus vulnerability and how this is manifested within the physical state surrounding manual labour. Vast sculptural works comprise the narrative while emulating factory items. Barclay’s work takes an anthropological stance by examining the inevitable yet ingrained rituals within a work environment, such as cleaning and the guarding of work assets. Overall, an insightful glimpse into the melding of objects and their role in society.

Tickets: Free

📍Tramway, 25 Albert Dr, Glasgow, Scotland +44 141 276 0950

Uncovered: Still Homeless, Still An Issue

📅 Friday, 10th February – Sunday, 9th April

Unbeknown to many, Glasgow is home to the International Network Of Street Papers or INSP, an invaluable society dedicated to uniting the street papers of the world. Street papers, such as the Big Issue, offer hope for the UK’s homeless and unemployed communities. Uncovered: Still Homeless, Still An Issue is an interactive exhibition displaying a number of street paper covers and a series of moving stories from vendors. The first of its kind, it acknowledges the dedication and bravery of those faced by social struggles, while illuminating the benefits of street papers.

Tickets: Free

📍The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Ln, Glasgow, Scotland +44 141 276 5365

Glasgow Interiors

📅 Tuesday, 9th May – (TBD)

Appropriately placed in the first public commission of famed Glasgow architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow Interiors takes visitors on an Art Nouveau adventure. It features reproductions (by Bruce Hamilton Furniture) of Mackintosh’s iconic chairs paired with other classic Glasgow interiors. Cleverly designed, viewers get an exclusive peek behind closed doors, something you don’t always see by glancing at a architectural facade.

Tickets: Free

📍The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Ln, Glasgow, Scotland +44 141 276 5365