How To Spend The Perfect Date Night In Edinburgh

© Mike Norton/Flickr
© Mike Norton/Flickr
Photo of Tori Chalmers
31 December 2016

Whether a budding new romance, enduring flame, or spontaneous meeting with a meant-to-be partner in crime, Edinburgh is a city tailor-made for romance. So you don’t get tongue-tied, take a leaf from the Scottish literary greats and make Edinburgh your playground with the most perfect date night. May the chat flow and bond blossom.

4:00PM — Swing By The Scottish National Gallery And Gaze Into Each Other’s Eyes (And The Art)

Instead of heading straight to a bustling bar where words get lost amidst the humdrum of frivolous punters, sneak into the cosy serenity of the Scottish National Gallery and bond over exquisite (and sometimes questionable) artistic masterpieces. Surely seeing the divine qualities of a Degas, or each minuscule yet magnificent brushstroke of a Monet will ignite witty remarks and let the sparks flow. Besides, a pit stop at the gallery shows off a more refined side and makes for some fantastic conversation starters.

Scottish National Gallery Model | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

5:00PM — Stroll Over To Bramble Bar For Endless Nattering And Cocktails

After half an hour to 45 minutes of exploring the Gallery (you don’t want to overdo it or drag it out too much), embark on a brief wander over to Queen Street. Effortlessly classy and sinfully enjoyable, Bramble Bar is your go-to Edinburgh hotspot for sumptuous cocktails. Top-notch ingredients, innovative cocktails worth lusting over, cosy surrounds, strategically dimmed lighting, soulful music — what more could you want? The rest is easy! Just as addictive as the drinks, expect smashing sets from live DJs every Friday and Saturday. A subterranean sanctuary perfectly suited for fun times, intimate chats and cocktails of old and new.

Cocktails | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

6:30PM — Head On Over To Badger & Co. For A Stellar Culinary Adventure Together

French may be the language of love, the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and yet, there’s no denying the romance involved when sharing some of the most appetising gastronomic delights. This does not, however, condone (or advise) mimicking those unenviable restaurant date moments where couples sit opposite one another scrolling through their phones with disgruntled faces. Quite the contrary, Badger & Co, with its mouthwatering seasonal menu and furnishings that epitomise all things hip, is a catalyst for an unprecedented sensory experience. Open, airy surroundings and cool vibes offer the perfect platform for endless bonding, joking and relaxation. From homemade pies and crispy parmesan gnocchi to chocolate cake with orange compote, Badger & Co. sets the pace for great times all round.

© Sheila Sund/Flickr

8:30PM — Grab A Cab And Get Ready To Laugh The Evening Away

After you’ve wined and dined until you can do so no more, add to the appeal of the evening with laughter. Wrap up at Badger & Co. and hop in a taxi (it should only take a few minutes) to The Stand for a spontaneous dose of comedy. Edinburgh, being host to the world-famous Fringe, is a magnet for comedians and performers. Whether it’s newbies brave enough to throw themselves into the thick of it for the first time, or seasoned comics testing out new material, this cosy comedy club is a fail-safe date spot guaranteed to evoke giggling galore. Just gauge before hand whether your date is 1) a heckler or 2) the kind of person who would be mortified at being singled out in the front row.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

11:00PM — Pontificate Over The Night’s Festivities And Remark On The Beauty Of The Castle

After basking in the hilarity and laughing so much that your sides split, end the evening by venturing just a stone’s throw away to the Princes Street Gardens or take the route home via Princes Street. Made for romantic strolls, the Gardens and Princes Street provide transcendental views of Edinburgh’s ever-present eyes — The Castle. This is the perfect moment to gaze longingly at each other and comment on how fun the night has been. Picturesque and historic, this marvelous backdrop adds to that seemingly unachievable movie moment.

Edinburgh Skyline At Night | © Jennis Douglas/Flickr

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