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Anna Freemantle by Scott Trindle | Courtesy of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival
Anna Freemantle by Scott Trindle | Courtesy of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival
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Get Ready For Edinburgh's International Fashion Festival

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Updated: 13 October 2016
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival is back for its fifth year, and as always, fashion’s elite will descend on Scotland’s trendiest town for four days. From designers and photographers to models and journalists, the festival will put on display the very best of this year’s fashion trends. Spread out over a range of beautiful locations around the city, such as the National Museum of Scotland, Surgeons’ Museum Hall and the Caledonian Waldorf Astoria, the Fashion Festival will be a feast for the eyes inside and out.

What To Expect This Year

As usual, the Edinburgh Fashion Festival will provide an eclectic mix of new and established designers. From headline exhibitions and events bought to you by Stella McCartney to shows produced by students of the very best fashion schools around. Exciting new Scottish designers will be brought into the limelight and their work showcased for all to see. Similar to previous years, there will be specialised markets for anyone to attend as well as informative fashion-centric talks and gallery shows. One of the wonderful things about this now-prestigious event is its focus on sustainability and ethically produced goods. Due to this awareness, in conjunction with the fabulous displays of art and design, the festival will also offer a chance to learn more about fashion’s production and buying trends that benefit everyone.

Stella McCartney is a big influence at this year’s festival with both a highly anticipated new exhibition on Friday, 22nd July, as well as a fantastic retail event in partnership with the luxurious Harvey Nichols team on the 23rd. This will be an amazing opportunity to shop what you see and fill your very own fashion fantasies. Another headline event will be the book launch of Saskia de Brauw at the stunning Surgeons’ Museum Hall. Saskia is a world famous model-turned-artist who has studied and honed her craft as a photographer, creator and writer. She has been fashion’s favourite and looked out from the cover of various fashion bibles, including the coveted Vogue spot. In her work she explores how we fit into our surroundings and the link between the physical body and the world it inhabits. Her book launch is sure to be an event to remember and a popular happening at the festival.

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival | © Josie and Willow Borain

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival | © Josie and Willow Borain

Stella McCartney’s Global Influence

As the daughter of world famous musician Paul McCartney you might assume her rise into the high stakes fashion game was a straightforward one. However, McCartney’s training speaks for itself and testifies to her success in the ruthless fashion world. From her time as an intern at Christian Lacroix and learning about the art of tailoring at Edward Sexton on Savile Row, she learnt from the best before attending the prestigious Central Saint Martins School for Fashion and Design. With this wealth of knowledge and considerable talent, McCartney was appointed as creative director of Paris fashion house Chloé before going on to develop her own fashion brand that has been a huge success on the world stage of design.

Stella McCartney is famously a vegetarian and spoken openly about her passion for animal rights. Fur and leather have never featured in her collections, and she has even developed her own brand of skincare products named CARE that are all organic and produced in animal-friendly ways. With this emphasis on health and the wellbeing of animals, McCartney is an ideal influence on this year’s fashion festival, and her work ethic and sensitivity in a fast-paced industry is something we can all admire and learn from.


The Duchess of Rothesay at the 'Clo Mor - Harris to Paris' exhibition | © Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

The Duchess of Rothesay at the ‘Clo Mor – Harris to Paris’ exhibition | Coourtesy of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival


Scottish Fashion Awards

The 11th Anniversary of the Scottish Fashion Awards will take place this year and will be a wonderful celebration of the talented designers, models, photographers, and other industry insiders. From up-and-comers to old hands there will be awards for people who have pushed the boundaries and represented Scotland on the world’s fashion platform. The winners of this year’s awards will be showcasing their amazing talents at the fashion festival where attendees will be able to admire the cream of the crop.

The Scottish Fashion Awards have helped put Scotland on the fashion map, with Christopher Kane being awarded the graduate of the year award and with this recognition becoming an influential name in the international fashion community. Similarly with the winning Scottish designs being displayed at the International Fashion Festival this event too has grown to become an important date in style calendars all over.


Tibor Galamb from last years festival | © Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Tibor Galamb from last years festival | Courtesy of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival


Last Year’s Success

In 2015, the theme of the Festival was ‘Sustainability and Education’ with a collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland being an important side to the events and a reminder that fashion can be a progressive and thoughtful industry. The talks given by industry leaders such as H&M and IKEA-inspired individuals and businesses and gave fabulous insight into the workings of successful design. There was also an important dedication to the work of the late Louise Wilson and her influence over the success of so many designers today. After such a terrific program of events and a wonderful response from those in attendance, many cannot wait to see what this year’s festival has in store.


Edinburgh International Fashion Festival will run from 21 to 24 July 2016 at various locations across Edinburgh.