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© Adam Wilson / Flickr
© Adam Wilson / Flickr
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Edinburgh Was the UK's Fastest Growing Tech Hub in 2017

Picture of Claire Lancaster
Tech & Entrepreneurship Editor
Updated: 7 December 2017
Watch out, London – Edinburgh is coming for the tech throne.

According to online developer community Stack Overflow’s Q4 2017 report, Edinburgh was the fastest growing tech hub in the UK throughout 2017.

The Scottish capital has seen its developer population rise by 8% in the second half of the year to an estimated 20,000 – equivalent to seven developers per 100 people in the Scottish labour force. There’s also been a 19% jump in Edinburgh-based data scientists over the same period.

Old and New Towns of Edinburgh | © Kyle Magnuson / Flickr |
Old and New Towns of Edinburgh | © Kyle Magnuson / Flickr

Despite the city’s impressive growth as a tech hub, London remains home to the largest developer population in the UK.

More than 300,000 developers live and work in the city, making London home to more tech talent than the entirety of Italy, Spain or Poland.

London’s WeWork South Bank Lounge
London’s WeWork South Bank Lounge | WeWork

Outside of the Big Smoke, Manchester and Birmingham have the largest developer populations in the UK, with 39,000 and 40,300 respectively. Meanwhile, Glasgow has some 16,500 – the equivalent of six per 100 people in the workforce.

In Ireland, 1/10th of Dublin’s labour workforce are software developers. Across the UK and Ireland, the developer population has increased by 2%.