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© Ronnie Robertson
© Ronnie Robertson
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You Can Buy This Entire Scottish Island for the Price of a Tiny London Flat

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Food Editor
Updated: 30 January 2018
If you’re anything like us, you’ve dreamed about owning your own private island in idle moments.

You could let in only who you wanted and impose arcane rules such as the only shoes allowed to be worn must be red. And of course, you could luxuriantly skinny dip as much as you wanted and enjoy the feeling of being in total, total safe isolation.

It’s not just the Julia Roberts and Shakiras of the world who can afford their own tiny island domains, however. If you, like most of the millennial population, are saving for an averagely priced house deposit in a major city, you too could be stepping onto an island that has your name on the deed poll.

The Shetland coast | © ChrisNoe/Shutterstock
The Shetland coast | © ChrisNoe/Shutterstock

It won’t be in the Caribbean, but Scotland is just as beautiful and atmospheric. There’s a magnificently wild 64-acre private island off the Shetland coast that could be yours for a mere £250,000.

For the same price, you could get a one-bedroom flat in Peckham, two-and-a-half parking spaces in Mayfair or five months renting a house in North London with a floor-t0-ceiling marble bathroom. We know what we’d choose.

The island is green and gorgeous, and is known as Linga. Located in the Vaila Sound off the west coast of Shetland, a group of islands about 70 miles northeast of the Great British mainland, it’s actually closer to Norway than to Scotland. It’s far enough north that you can watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky in winter.

Uninhabited since 1934, it has several stone houses that need some love to get them to a habitable level. The previous owner has secured planning permission to build a pier, storage shed, reception area, new ‘agricultural buildings’ and an additional cottage.

A boat moored at Wells, the nearest village to Linga | <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">© Ronnie Robertson/Flickr</a>
A boat moored at Wells, the nearest village to Linga | © Ronnie Robertson/Flickr

The island has beautiful views across the sea and is home to Scottish wildlife to keep you company. It comes with planning permission to build a windmill and solar panels, so you can create and store your own green energy,

You’re close enough to the village of Walls to stock up on milk and biscuits, but isolated enough to know that you’re guaranteed some hard-won peace and quiet. There are no tropical beaches, but it’s green, lush and verdant. You’re around 18 miles from Shetland’s airport, where there are frequent flights to and from Glasgow.

Who wouldn’t want to be queen or king of your own Scottish island? Brb, calling some friends to see if they want to pool resources…