The Best Antique Shops In Edinburgh

Antiques | © Joe Buckingham
Antiques | © Joe Buckingham
Every antique tells a story and acts as a physical reminder of another time. Whether silver, furniture, jewellery, ornaments, or trinkets, there’s no denying the thrill of finding a rare and curious object. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Unearth the memories of years gone by and discover the best antique shops in Edinburgh.

Unicorn Antiques

A national treasure in it’s own right, Unicorn Antiques is filled with artifacts almost as rare as a unicorn. Ignore the pokey spaces and cramped surroundings and hone in on the delights amidst the marble shelves and Victorian tiled floors and walls. From architectural fixtures like brass door handles to lamps, pictures, mirrors, coloured glass, coal scuttles, candlesticks, small furniture, and at times, kilts, consider Unicorn an antique utopia.

Unicorn Antiques, 65 Dundas St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 556 7176

Georgian Antiques

Georgian Antiques are expert purveyors of luxury antiques, so much so that they have one of the largest selections in Scotland. Situated in Leith, this five floor warehouse is a fanciful wonderland awaiting exploration. The selection of chandeliers would make Liberace green with envy and the array of ornate furniture (spanning across differing time periods) is perfectly fitting for royalty. With over 50,000 square feet of floor space, it’s no surprise that Georgian Antiques won the Homes & Antiques Best UK Antique Shop Of The Year 2013 award, and were featured on The Telegraph’s list as one of the Top 50 Best Interior Shops In The UK in 2014.

Georgian Antiques, 10 Pattison St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 553 7286

Antiques | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

Antiques | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers


Those with a hankering for afternoon tea and a passion for all things vintage will fall head over heels for Anteaques. This curious little place opens it’s doors each weekend and offers fine loose leaf teas with a twist — the tearoom doubles up as an antique shop. From furniture and silver, to ceramics and tapestries, pontificate over treasures from the past and take a well deserved sip and trip down memory lane.

Anteaques, 17 Clerk St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 667 8466

Antiques | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

Antiques | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers

Drum Farm Antiques Edinburgh

Head to the big barn at Drum Farm and prepare to enter into quite the predicament – desiring every item inside! Situated to the north of the Edinburgh bypass, Drum Farm Antiques has over 6,000 square feet of showroom. From art deco and vintage, to retro, modern, Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian, expect to find tons of treasures from different eras. With eight dealers on site and an entertainment media section filled with vinyl and more, hardcore antique enthusiasts and trinket collectors alike will be impressed, to say the least.

Drum Farm Antiques Edinburgh, 684 Old Dalkeith Rd, Danderhall, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131-660-5678

George Pirie Antiques

George Pirie Antiques exudes a certain kind of sophistication and class. Paying particular attention towards English and Scottish antique furniture from the 17th to 19th centuries, this show-stopping store is more refined than quirky. Whether mahogany, rosewood, walnut, or oak grabs your attention, the finish on all the furniture inside was created to be marvelled at.

George Pirie Antiques, 22 Howe St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 226 4800


Shop, Museum
Antiques | Courtesy Of Tori Chalmers
Those with a penchant for antiques and fine vintage artifacts (without the extravagant price tags) will adore Museum CONTEXT. This fascinating place contains a myriad of objects, new and old. From vintage globes and compasses, to retro prints, solar system hanging mobiles, and antique clocks, expect to leave with more than you intended. A visit here is a must for any day out.
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