5 Things You Can Only Buy In Scotland

The Scottish Borders | © Harry Lawford/Flickr
The Scottish Borders | © Harry Lawford/Flickr
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Freelance Journalist13 November 2017

Scotland is rich with cultural heritage and has some unique souvenirs that loved ones are sure to enjoy. Here are a few things only found in this beautiful region.

Authentic Kilts

People adore the Scottish kilt. Traditionally worn by men and boys on special occasions, such as weddings, this knee-length garment usually has a tartan design and is very comfortable. It originates in the 16th-century Scottish Highlands and is known as the national dress of Scotland.

Kilts | © Chris Brown/Flickr


The sporran is a purse in which you can store money, keys or other items. It is often worn with a kilt and is decorated with metal emblems or tassels. It makes for a great Scottish souvenir.

Scottish Tea

The only place that you can buy authentic Scottish tea is in Scotland itself. Served up with some scones or toast, it makes for a great start to the morning. It’s also a good complement to a traditional afternoon tea. Don’t forget to purchase some authentic Scottish tea to take home!

Tea and fruitcake | © Tim Regan/Flickr

Scottish Heather Honey

Scottish heather honey from the Highlands is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. This fragrant honey is a great addition to sweets or tea. Spread it on toast, and it will fill you up until lunch. Grab a bottle of this authentic honey on your next visit!

Bottled honey | © Jason Riedy/Flickr


This classic small drinking bowl makes an ideal souvenir or a gift for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, christenings or even for a Christmas present. Most are made of wood or silver and are often engraved with special messages for loved ones.

Quaich | © Karen Mardahl/Flickr

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