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Scottish Gins
Scottish Gins

17 of the Best Scottish Gins You Have to Try

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Updated: 3 July 2017
Along with whisky, Scotland is also the high heid yin of the gin scene. The recent surge of handcrafted gin, small batch distilleries and locally foraged Scottish botanicals equate to waves of Scottish gins taking the world by storm. They’re just getting started, with over 70% of UK gin already produced in Scotland. With the view that it’s always gin o’clock, here’s our edit of the hottest Scottish gins right now.

Hendrick’s Gin

Smooth as can be and meticulously infused with a wondrous potion of botanicals, Hendrick’s Gin is hands down the don of Scotland’s gin empire. This iconic top shelf elixir is widely considered the crème de le crème and happens to be adored by hipsters, pensioners, gin snobs and anyone else with a discerning palate. Hendrick’s takes the term ‘small batch’ seriously by creating around 500 litres each time and remains renowned for its essence of rose petal and cucumber — its magical artisanal appeal cannot be ignored.

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The Botanist

From the same minds behind Bruichladdich Distillery, The Botanist is a true small batch artisanal treat. Islay born and bred, this beauty is praised for its spellbinding signature of 22 wild Islay botanicals foraged by two local botanists and its nine quintessential gin aromatics; orris root, cassia bark and coriander seed included. The flowery flavour is due to its double infusion process, the dose of fresh Islay Spring water and two distinct types of juniper, one of which thrives in unveiled sea level habitats found in the Rinns of Islay.

Caorunn Gin

Named after the Gaelic word for ‘rowan berry’ and best served with a slice of crisp apple, Caorunn Gin is a super supreme handcrafted London Dry gin infused with five gin botanicals all locally foraged in the Scottish Highlands; rowan berry, heather, bog myrtle, coul blush apple and dandelion leaf, and is also paired with six quintessential traditional botanicals. This multi award winning small batch liquid of dreams is created by one Gin Master who draws upon Scotland’s finest water and pure grain spirit.

NB Gin

A force to be reckoned with responsible for putting the charming seaside town of North Berwick on the worldly gin map, NB Gin is perfection in a glass. This crystal clear liquid stays true to the London Dry Gin process and showcases eight outstanding botanicals. The credit for each superior sip is owed to the gin making prowess of the creators who started out with a makeshift still in their kitchen. Now NB has gin aficionados swooning and has been voted the ‘World’s Best London Dry Gin’, is considered ‘One of the Top 100 Brands in the World’ by Rolls-Royce and is the only gin chosen for the Queen’s 90th birthday shindigs.

Crossbill Gin

Bold and refined, with each sip of Crossbill Gin comes a deeper appreciation for Highland botanicals — particularly juniper and rosehip — and the hands who harvest it. Following that appreciation comes an understanding that Crossbill is as distinct as the bird it’s named after, a bird that lives amidst the same wild Scottish juniper that gives the gin that wow factor. Between Crossbill Gin’s reciprocal relationship with the land and deep respect for the natural ebb and flow of the juniper life cycle, each tiny batch is graced with its own unique traits.

New Year New Specimen. – this Year double Juniper – 50/50 Green and Blue berries from a single Juniper , #gin #scottishgin #cairngorms #aviemore #crossbillgin

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Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin

Capturing the hypnotic spirit of Orkney in a bottle, Kirkjuvagr is a firecracker of a storm strength gin from Kirkwall set to ignite the taste buds with each sip. Bold and true, this gin is a wondrous fusion of Orkney’s Norse heritage, contemporary times, legend