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Victoria Fernandez / © Culture Trip
Victoria Fernandez / © Culture Trip
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10 Uniquely Scottish Souvenirs to Pick Up in Edinburgh

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Updated: 9 April 2018
When it comes to finding that perfect souvenir, it’s a pity that Scotland cannot be wrapped up in fine paper, placed in a gift box, and presented with a tartan bow. The good news is that you can have your haggis and eat it, too, however. Discover 10 uniquely Scottish souvenirs you can pick up in Edinburgh and take home.

Oor Wullie

Grab copy of Oor Wullie (the world’s favourite Scottish comic strip) and discover the wonderful weavings of words and iconic illustrations that still capture hearts to this day. For the record, it is worth noting that all these words are in Scots slang. What better way to grasp the true essence of Scotland? Make sure to stock up on many volumes, as it’s hard not to fall in love with Wullie and his tin bucket.

Courtesy of Tori Chalmers
Oor Wullie | © Courtesy of Tori Chalmers


Whisky requires zero explanation when it comes to the discussion of Scottish souvenirs; it’s a necessity. Thankfully, Edinburgh is overflowing with an abundance of whisky distilleries and tasting tours. Learn the history and secrets behind this bonnie beverage, and try to bring some back for your friends. Every taste will reignite the irreplaceable memories of Scotland and the braw time that was had.

Trendy prints

You don’t have to travel far in Edinburgh to find good art – the city hosts an array of famous and aspiring artists. Choose postcards of your favourite works from the Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art and place them in a box frame for all to marvel at. Similarly, visit Wooden Treehouse and Diedododa – two hidden gems nestled inside the Tron Kirk Market on the Royal Mile.

Courtesy of Tori Chalmers
Trendy local prints | © Courtesy of Tori Chalmers

Tartan brolly

Consider Scotland as a place that offers variety. In other words, it is not uncommon to experience all four weather seasons in one day. With this in mind, it is wise to have a ‘brolly’ (umbrella) on hand at all times. Choose from an array of different tartans, Scottish flags, Scotty dogs and more. A Scottish brolly is the perfect token and a reminder of the joys (and woes) of the glorious Scottish weather.

© Pug50/Flickr
Lots of brollies | © Pug50/Flickr

Greyfriars Bobby trinket

Nothing can come between a person and their dog. Bobby’s loyalty to his owner became evident to Edinburgh natives in the 19th century when the wee Skye terrier guarded his master’s grave for 14 years. This courageous canine made history and was even granted Freedom of The City. Unsurprisingly, Bobby has a stunning statue and a pub to honour his actions. Whether it be an ornament, book, soft toy or mug, it seems only fitting to leave Scotland with a Greyfriars Bobby souvenir.

Courtesy of Tori Chalmers
Greyfriars Bobby | © Courtesy of Tori Chalmers

Case of Irn-Bru

Let’s be honest. Nothing screams Scotland more than a gargantuan case of Irn-Bru. Since 1901, this fizzy drink has been a staple in every Scottish household. Described as a beverage made from true girders, Irn-Bru is renowned for being Scotland’s ‘other’ national drink. Don’t be timid when it comes to its vivid orange colour. Like the Scots, it is bold and brilliant. Taste the freedom.

© Mary Hutchison/Flickr
An ice-cold Irn-Bru | © Mary Hutchison/Flickr

Cashmere, tweeds and knits

The Scottish have long been renowned as experts when it comes to textiles. Whether tweed, knits or cashmere spark your interest, anticipate an abundance of stunning choices. Johnstons of Elgin dominates the luxury materials market and specialises in cashmere of the highest calibre. Harris Tweed is iconic, too. From cashmere socks and high-quality Scottish knitwear to Harris Tweed camera bags, Edinburgh is an enthralling treasure-trove filled with the most precious finds.

© Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr
Different tweeds | © Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

Edinburgh gin

It is common knowledge that some of the world’s most glorious gins come from the heart of Scotland, and Edinburgh Gin is not to be surpassed. Savour the taste of Scotland from the comfort of your own home and delight in stocking up on this liquid gold.

© Chris Fleming/Flickr
Edinburgh gin | © Chris Fleming/Flickr

Vintage map of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is undeniably riddled with a deep and vibrant history. If only the whisperings and secrets of the beautiful buildings could be heard. One insightful way to delve deep into the past is to take a gander at some old maps of the city. Take your compass and embark on an epic voyage to Carson Clark Gallery (and beyond) for that perfect one. Make sure to place pins in every site you visited!

© BotMultichillT/WikiCommons
Vintage Edinburgh map | © BotMultichillT/WikiCommons

A kilt

The kilt is one of the most recognisable traditional garments across the globe and, contrary to popular belief, it is certainly not a clichéd souvenir. Instead, think of it as a fashion statement. Choose your clan and take your tartan to a fine Scottish kilt maker. Consider it an authentic piece of Scotland, but prepare to be well accustomed to the question: ‘Are you a true Scotsman?’