10 Airbnbs That Are Straight Out of Game of Thrones

The Old Tower in Hvar | Courtesy of Airbnb
The Old Tower in Hvar | Courtesy of Airbnb
Imagine you could transport yourself to Westeros. The fictional lands created by R. R. Martin may not exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to the real-life filming sites or stay in castles, riads, or villas that remind you of your favorite Game of Thrones’ character.

Durhamstown Castle (County Meath, Ireland)

© Durhamstown Castle/Airbnb 

This Norman Castle in County Meath, Ireland goes all the way back to 1420. If GoT was based on a real time period, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it took place in the 15th century (Wars of the Roses, anyone?). Experience 600-year old plaster inside the four original vaulted rooms, have a feast in the quaint dining room, and retire to the drawing or music room in the evening hours for a little-big-small carafe of wine (Cersei style, of course).

Boulder House (Yucca Valley, California)

Courtesy of Airbnb

This artist-designed, four-bedroom home (appropriately called Boulder House) may be located in Yucca Valley in California, but it looks straight out of Dorne. Just imagine the Martells roaming through the fifteen-acre property, plotting new ways to get back at the Lannisters.

Medieval Castle Bed and Breakfast (Umbria, Italy)

© Medieval Castle Bed and Breakfast 1/Airbnb 

This medieval Italian castle, located in Fontignano, appears to be made for House Tyrell of Highgarden. It’s pretty affordable too (at around $83 per night). And good thing, because remember how Jamie Lannister already took all the all hard-earned Tyrell family money to pay back his debts in the last season? (Also, how could anyone forget indefatigable Olenna’s sassy goodbye?) Enjoy the end of a (fictional) elegant dynasty by roaming the green Umbrian hills and soaking in the “breathtaking” views of this castle from a bygone era.


Courtesy of Airbnb

This ancient two-bedroom trullo located Apúlia, Italy and “surrounded by olive trees and stone walls,” and is reminiscent of any of the Free Cities in Game of Thrones. In real life, this Italian gem neighbors the town of Cisternino and boasts beautiful stone interiors.

Farmhouse Flat for 2/4 people (Ballycastle, Ireland)

© Farmhouse Flat for 2/4 people/Airbnb 

Located in Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, this farmhouse is perfect for Game of Thrones lovers. The Dark Hedges (the cinematic tunnel of trees made famous by the HBO series) is even close by to this idyllic property. Much of the series was actually filmed in this area, so you can enjoy a bit of sightseeing during your stay.

The Old Tower (Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia)

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The Old Tower in Hvar, Croatia eerily resembles the “Tower of Joy” in Game of Thrones. You know, the birthplace of Jon Snow near the Red Mountains of Dorne? In actuality, this ancient home was built by the Franciscans in 1761 and was meant to just be a windmill. It’s now protected by Hvar Cultural Heritage as a “cultural monument,” and guests can enjoy modern furnishings, wi-fi, and a private garden.

The Cozy Palace (Marrakesh, Morocco)

Courtesy of Airbnb

Venture across the Narrow Sea to Pentos to visit this exotic rental with stunning tiles, meticulous stonework, and a courtyard made for a Queen. You’re not really going to see Dany Targaryen here, but you can at least imagine it, right? This traditional riad (a traditional Moroccan home) is actually located in Marrakech and embodies the vibrant culture with its soft, tranquil furnishings.

Chateau classé en Normandie (Lower Normandy, France)

Chateau classé en Normandie

This eight-bedroom chateau in Fontenay-sur-Mer in Lower Normandy is only three miles from the sea and dates back to the 17th century. While France wasn’t known as a major filming location for Game of Thrones, the elegant estate is too pretty to pass up on our list.

Augill Castle (Cumbria, United Kingdom)

Image by Mike O'Neill Courtesy of Airbnb

Complete with Tudor paneling, gothic stained glass windows, and turrets, Augill Castle is located in the serene Eden Valley and boasts 15 grand rooms. The early 19th century castle was built as a “Victorian gentleman’s folly,” but you can use it to plot your way to the Iron Throne. It’s not Westeros, but the ceiling of the stairwell closely resembles the High Hall of the Eyrie – too bad it doesn’t come with a Moon Door.

Dar walili, maison d’hôtes (Tangier-Tetouan, Morocco)

© Dar walili, guest house/Airbnb 

Now it’s time to take a visit to the rich trading city of Qarth. You won’t actually get to meet any Warlocks from the House of the Undying here, but that’s probably a good thing anyways. This beautiful four-bedroom house is actually located in Asilah, Morocco (where a lot of GoT was filmed), is only 7 kilometers from the beaches, and boasts luxurious patios where you can re-read A Song of Ice and Fire.

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