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Zaha Hadid Design's Star Wars Themed Table Is Inspired by Princess Leia's Hair

Zaha Hadid Design's Star Wars Themed Table Is Inspired by Princess Leia's Hair

Picture of Charlotte Luxford
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 15 September 2017

This new coffee table would be right at home in any Star Wars fan’s living room. The ‘Le-a’ coffee table design, which was created by Leblon Delienne in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design, launches ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the latest in the famous sci-fi saga.

The piece of furniture is affectionately inspired by Princess Leia‘s iconic braided buns, first worn by Carrie Fisher in the late 1970s. While the piece may be an abstract likeness of the hairstyle, there’s no mistaking the signature look of Zaha Hadid with the organic curves, fluidity and drama that typifies the design practice’s work.

Courtesy of Leblon Delienne

The Leblon Delienne design house, known for its faithful recreations of Disney characters in the form of collectables, says of the piece: ‘Inspired by the iconic hairstyle and braids of Princess Leia, and combining the straight lines and smooth curves distinctive of Zaha Hadid Design with the savoir-faire of Leblon Delienne, this table is a perfect fit for the most contemporary interiors.’

Courtesy of Leblon Delienne

The elegant, glossy table pushes the boundaries between design and contemporary art, providing something that is both a practical, yet sculptural, centrepiece. Made from fibre and resin to produce a glossy finish, the coffee table is available in the classic black and white finishes as well as pearl white or brass for a touch of luxury.

Courtesy of Leblon Delienne

‘We are a pop culture generation – lovers of graphic novels, comics, video games, cinema and TV series, but also rock music, pop art and urban art. Always respecting the original work, Leblon Delienne draws inspiration from this to create characters, items and furniture in search of meaning,’ adds Leblon Delienne.

Courtesy of Leblon Delienne

At a starting price of €16,000 you definitely need to be a hardcore Star Wars fan or a serious art and design collector, but a unique piece by Zaha Hadid Design was never going to come cheap.

The table will be on display in Zaha Hadid Design’s London gallery from September 20.

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