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Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About the 'Bubblewrap' Dessert

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 30 March 2017
Freakshakes, candy-floss-wrapped ice creams and croquembouche – it’s fair to say London has had its fair share of cray food trends. Whatever will they come up with next? The Bubblewrap, that’s what.

So what is it? First invented back in the 1950s in Hong Kong as a simple egg waffle, this gluttonous dessert started life as a way of using up old broken eggs (how lovely). Now it’s been reinvented especially for Instagram (literally) as a gluttonous cone of amazingness that’s filled with ice cream, fruit, chocolate and several varieties of oozing sauces!

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The flavour combos are awesome: from peach, pistachio and white chocolate in a plain waffle, to cocoa wraps with berries, sea salt (NOM!) and dark chocolate, oreo, or matcha waffles with mochi (rice dumplings) and red bean.

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Best thing is that the awesome folks running the place are running a two-for-one opening offer for the first fortnight. Score!

Find your Bubblewrap on the corner of Wardour Street from Wednesday, March 8. If you can’t wait that long, there’s a temporary pop-up stall at Berwick Street Market. You’re welcome.