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Carrie Fischer tribute | © Loz Pycock/Flickr
Carrie Fischer tribute | © Loz Pycock/Flickr
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Where to See London's Best Street Art in Peckham

Picture of Holly Black
Updated: 5 September 2017
Peckham’s creative scene means you don’t have to walk far to find incredible street art by internationally-recognised graffiti artists. Although some might be unofficial paint jobs, the area has also seen a rise in the number of commissioned works popping up. Here’s our selection of the must-see spots.
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Bellenden Road

This South London road is home to some of the most popular street art in the area. Belgian artist ROA, known for depicting local animals, has painted an enormous whippet on the side of the Victorian Inn, while Artista has created a nature-inspired mural across a local newsagent. Thierry Noir produced a graphic red and blue image inspired by Poussin’s The Triumph of David and, at the intersection with Choumert Road, you can also see a beautiful mural called Windmills by Walter Kershaw, inspired by artist Jacob van Ruisdael. Both of these pieces were commissioned as part of the Dulwich Picture Gallery’s ‘Baroque the Street’ project.

Bellenden Road, London, UK

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Mission Place

Just off Peckham High Street you can find a massive mural by Giacomo Bufarini, aka Run. The piece is situated on the side of Mission Place food bank and fittingly includes depictions of various types of delicious fruit and vegetables.

Mission Place, London, UK

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St John with St Andrew Parish Church

This newly painted church-sanctioned mural is another work by Run. It covers the whole side of this house of worship and depicts the Virgin Mary protecting huddled masses. Her body reaches up into the church tower and her crown has been strategically placed to perfectly align with the external bell.

St John with St Andrew Parish Church, 10a Meeting House Lane, London, UK

Bussey Building

This arts centre features a host of graffiti pieces across its facade, as well as in the surrounding courtyard. ROA has created an ominous image in the form of a bird perched on top of a mound of bones, while Phlegm has painted another monochrome mural in the form of a complex puzzle of fantastical monsters, animals and beautiful buildings, with allusions to castles and minarets.

Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, London, UK +44 20 7732 5275

Phlegm mural detail
Phlegm mural detail | © under_volcano/Flickr
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Peckham Road

There are plenty of tags and more traditional art covering this urban highway, but there is one striking addition that sprung up after the death of actor and writer Carrie Fisher. The tribute was painted by Arful Dodger and depicts her iconic character Princess Leia next to the title ‘Rebel’s Princess’. The artist used the same site to paint a piece condemning gentrification, as well as another Star Wars-themed work near the Peckhamplex Cinema.

102 Peckham Road, London, UK

Carrie Fisher tribute | © Loz Pycock/Flickr

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Goose Green

In honour of the great artist and poet William Blake (who, as legend had it, saw visions of angels while walking through Peckham Rye as a child), a community mural was painted on the outskirts of the green on a neighbouring building back in 1993, as part of Dulwich Festival. It features depictions of the artist in his home and spirits pouring into the sky from a large tree, in accordance with Blake’s account of his visions.

102 Peckham Road, London, UK