Where To Eat Noodles In London

Photo of Tara Heuzé
7 October 2016

Coming in all shapes and sizes, the humble noodle is a fundamental part of many cuisines. Here are ten venues across London offering an array of excellent variations from across Asia.

Busaba Eathai | © Ewan Munro/Wikimedia Commons


Restaurant, Thai, $$$
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Priding itself on its ethos of Gan Gin Gan Yuu (as you eat, so you are), Busaba is a delightful blend of modernist efficiency and traditional authenticity. Equipped with a delectable range of authentically Thai soup noodle dishes, from prawn and glass noodles in spicy sour soup to beef, rice noodle, and star anise in chilli vinegar, Busaba certainly brings a piece of exotic excitement to the London streets.

Cirilo Noodle Bar & Grill

Restaurant, Bar, Philippine, Chinese, $$$
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Colourful in both its menu and in its layout, the Cirilo Noodle Bar & Grill is a fantastic option for those craving authentic and exciting dishes from regions all over Asia, specialising in Filipino dishes. Dishes include Pancit Guisado (rice vermicelli cooked in vegetable broth) and the duck ‘Mami’ (soup noodle) with oriental spices. Customers can pick their noodle type, with a choice of egg, rice vermicelli, or udon noodle.

Cha Cha Moon

Restaurant, Asian, $$$
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Praised for its delicious foods, superb atmosphere, and excellent service, Cha Cha Moon has become something of a pilgrimage spot for connoisseurs. Boasting of catering to more than ‘simple noodle pop culture’, it absolutely delivers by providing a wide range of dishes that range in type, region, and ingredients. Their signature is the Taiwanese Beef Noodle, a gastronomic delight consisting of wheat noodles and braised beef in a bowl of deliciously rich stock soup, whilst notable mentions also include their vegetarian Monk’s Vermicelli, and their beef udon, all of which are made from the freshest ingredients.

Dim T

Restaurant, Asian, $$$
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Dim T offers a wide range of authentic and traditional dishes and injects an infectious quality of fun and flexibility into the whole enterprise. Offering a great choice of steamed foods and tasty salads for the more health-conscious, there is a little something for everyone on the menu. Furthermore, Dim T places the entire cooking process on display so guests can watch how their dish is made.

New Culture Revolution

Restaurant, Chinese, $$$
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Handmade Soba Noodles
Make your own soba noodles at Atelier Soba | © Jun Selta/Flickr
Espousing the values of balance, freshness, and authenticity, New Culture Revolution serves only the freshest, choicest, and most natural combination of ingredients. Using the cuisine of Northern China as the basis for their menu, they have a formidable range of wheat-based dishes which include chao mian (stir-fried) noodles, tang mian (soup noodle) dishes, and lao mian (noodle covered in ‘gravy’). Both affordable and tasty, New Culture Revolution also offers dumplings, soups, and seafood dishes.

Noodle Oodle

Restaurant, Chinese, Malaysian, Halal, $$$
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Noodle Oodle was the first Chinese restaurant in London to serve freshly made hand-pulled noodles, using the traditional Chinese technique. Known for serving excellent quality speciality Shanghai cuisine, they also offer dishes such as stewed beef la mian, seafood flat noodles with egg gravy, and sour spicy la mian with chicken and shrimp. They have also pledged to replace their pork-based ingredients with Halal chicken.

Shoryu Ramen

Restaurant, Asian, $$$
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Shoryu Ramen has become so reputed that it has been recommended by the Michelin Guide. Proud of its heritage, its specialty tonkotsu ramen originates from the Hakata district of Fukuoka, Japan. This style of ramen is made with a rich pork soup and thin, straight noodles. Using this as their basic component, Shoryu’s creations include ‘Dracula’ tonkotsu (ramen with caramelised black garlic mayu and garlic chips), and the Fire & Ice Salmon tsukemen (cold ramen with a warm wasabi-tonkotsu dipping sauce, barbecue pork, salmon, and nitamago).

Salvation in Noodles

Restaurant, Vietnamese
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Known affectionately as ‘SIN’, Salvation in Noodles refers to itself as a ‘Vietnamese Noodle Shack’. This is the go-to place for those wishing for an excellent atmosphere, good decor, generous portions of quality food, and efficient service. Notable mentions go to the flavoursome noodle salads, the taro-root spring rolls, and the Pho noodles.

Viet Hoa Restaurant

Cafe, Restaurant, Vietnamese, $$$
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Viet Hoa Restaurant serves a fresh blend of traditional and modern Vietnamese cooking, with 10 different types of pho (soup noodle) dishes, as well as 10 different types of hue noodle dishes (the spicier version of pho). They also offer an intriguingly named underground restaurant, Viet Hoa Mess, whose minimalism and modernism offers an interesting contrast to the more traditional Viet Hoa Cafe.