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© Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock
© Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock
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We Need to Talk About This Incredible Pool Hidden Inside This Volcano

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 1 June 2017
Bored of the hotel pool? Guess what, you can now take a dip inside one that’s hidden inside a volcano!

Deep in the heart of Samoa you’ll find the glittering To-Sua Ocean Trench…

© Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock

Perched high on top of an extinct volcano, the 98-foot deep natural pool is located on the beautiful southeast coast of Upolu island…

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From left to right, the hidden wonder is surrounded by lush tropical forest and sits directly in the middle of a volcano (and yes, you read that correctly)…

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Masked by mother nature for centuries, the fabulous utopia was discovered by a group of locals who were working in the area…

The gorgeous thing is fed directly by the ocean through a network of tunnels and caves that crisscross the vast expanse of the craggy rock. Best part? If you’re an experienced diver, you can even go and explore these turquoise streams for yourself…

© Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock

If you’d rather pass, do as the locals do and chill by the natural pool – there’s even a nifty little ladder that takes you down to the crystal-clear marvel.

© Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock

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