9 Warming Winter Dishes and Drinks Worth Travelling For

Dutch pancakes make for an indulgent winter treat
Dutch pancakes make for an indulgent winter treat | © Iryna Melnyk / Alamy Stock Photo

Winter is here, and foodie destinations London, Paris and Amsterdam – all accessible in less than four hours with Eurostar – are bursting with delicious dishes to ward off the cold. Here are nine exceptional food and drink specialities that are worth travelling for this season.

Start the journey in London

Mince and potatoes, Dean Street Townhouse

Hotel Restaurant, British, $$$
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The interiors at Dean Street Townhouse ooze with sophistication
The interiors at Dean Street Townhouse ooze sophistication | Courtesy of Dean Street Townhouse

A sophisticated hotel, Dean Street Townhouse has a buzzing atmosphere and a restaurant with a strong British flair. The standout dish is the mince and potatoes. While it might sound boring, this traditional British dish is incredibly rich and decadent, and is exactly what you need on a long winter’s night: a comforting bowl of warming, flavoursome mince accompanied by a generous portion of potatoes.

Meal service:

Afternoon Tea, All Day, Brunch


Fine Dining, Romantic, Stylish

Irish coffee, Swift

Cocktail Bar, British, $$$
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Irish coffee is the perfect late-night drink
Irish coffee is the perfect late-night drink | Courtesy of Swift

This leading cocktail bar is an ideal spot in which to while away the hours of darkness until spring comes. There are two bars: one upstairs (serving classic cocktails and light bites), and one downstairs (which specialises in whisky and has a lengthy drinks menu full of surprises). We recommend the downstairs bar; its red leather, dark wood and low lighting makes for the perfect nighttime drinking den. Our pick is the Irish coffee, a drink that’s sure to warm you from the inside out.

Grouse, Rules

Restaurant, British, $$$
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Rules is believed to be the oldest restaurant in London
© David Goodwin / Alamy Stock Photo
Rules, which claims to be the oldest restaurant in London, specialises in oysters, pies and puddings. However, most diners are there for the grouse, a must-try meat served with bread sauce, game chips and redcurrant jelly. Rules is one of the few places in London that offers this dish, but the restaurant only serves it during shooting season (August to December). If the grouse isn’t available, the curried lamb shank garnished with coriander, pilau rice and pumpkin chutney is an excellent choice.

Then hop to Paris, 2hr 16min from London with Eurostar

Cassoulet, Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

Restaurant, French, $$$
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Cassoulet is one of France's most decadent signature dishes
Cassoulet is one of France's most decadent dishes | © Andrew Twort / Alamy Stock Photo
Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie is the place to go if rich French classics are your thing – and they should be. Once you’ve tried the foie gras (one of the restaurant’s specialities), move on to the main event: the cassoulet. Stuffed with duck, multiple kinds of sausage and silky beans, it’s the kind of dish you dream about when it’s freezing outside. Just don’t forget to order one of their delicious French wines to complement your meal.

Meal service:

Lunch, Dinner, Late Night


Cosy, Romantic, Traditional

Pot-au-feu, Brasserie Lipp

Brasserie, Cafe, French, $$$
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Pot-au-feu is a French beef stew perfect for colder months
Pot-au-feu is a French beef stew perfect for colder months | © margouillat photo/Shutterstock

This cosy spot is the traditional French brasserie that you’ve always tried to find down a hidden alleyway somewhere, except this one is bang in the middle of Boulevard Saint-Germain, the main avenue in Paris’ Left Bank. And it just happens to have been a favourite of famous Parisian residents Hemingway, Proust and Sartre. Everything on the menu will taste delicious, but we recommend the pot-au-feu if you visit during cold weather. A famous winter dish in France, this beef stew will warm you as it has warmed generations of illustrious patrons at Brasserie Lipp.

Beef bourguignon, Chez Fernand

Brasserie, Restaurant, French, $$$
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Beef Bourguignon
Beef bourguignon never fails to disappoint | © Sergey Fatin/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for the quintessential French neighbourhood bistro, this is it. Tucked away down a quiet side street off Boulevard Saint-Germain, the red checked tablecloths and cosy wood panelling of Chez Fernand let you know exactly what you’re in for. The menu is short but perfectly executed, with beef bourguignon being a solid choice for your main course. The dessert menu is where it’s at, however, with the rum baba sure to heat you up.

Or Amsterdam, 3hr 51min from London with Eurostar

Mulled wine, Ice* Amsterdam

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Eat, drink and be merry at Ice* Amsterdam's winter market
Eat, drink and be merry at Ice* Amsterdam's winter market | Courtesy of Ice* Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s best winter market transforms the city’s Museumplein (Museum Square) into a wonderland of ice, shopping, drinking and eating. After a relaxed skate around the ice rink, head over to one of the bars to grab a cup of deliciously warming mulled wine.

Pancakes, Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis

Cafe, Restaurant, European, $$$
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This little restaurant serves only one thing: pancakes. It’s just the place to head during the year’s colder months with its ridiculously cosy dining space (the restaurant, whose name means ‘Upstairs Pancake House’, claims to be the smallest in Europe). The cute decorative teapots adorning the walls only add to its charm.

Stamppot, Moeders

Restaurant, Soup, Steakhouse, Pub Grub, Dutch, $$$
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Moeders Restaurant serves wholesome family recipes in a homely and inviting setting. The walls are decorated with vintage family photos, antique plates and cooking utensils. This restaurant’s speciality is traditional Dutch food, with menu highlights including the ideal comfort dish stamppot, a robust stew-like dish of potatoes and vegetables (with some chefs adding sausage, meatballs or bacon for added flavour). Don’t miss it.

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