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Courtesy of Curiscope
Courtesy of Curiscope
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Virtual Reality Has Become A Reality With Curiscope

Picture of Paula Koller-Alonso
Updated: 4 January 2017
It’s almost scary to think how much technology has advanced in the last few years. We can listen to music and take pictures on our phones, our laptops can convert our voice into writing, and our watch can measure our pulse and make calls — but the advancement of this technological era has been especially defined by Curiscope this year. With their Virtuali-Tee, they have shown us the future in merging education, technology and fashion.

Curiscope has captured viewers from around the world with their 360° videos that immerse you into a virtual reality unlike any other. While 3-D movies and video games have perfected a virtual world, these are usually imaginary paradigms. Curiscope has managed to make the natural world around us into a virtual reality that is just waiting to be explored. With their videos, they submerge under the sea to show a 360° view of a Great White Shark in its natural habitat. If that isn’t enough, this video features a moving X-Ray image of the Shark, so that the viewers are able to learn about the shark’s anatomy whilst seeing him swim. This video has already received 1 million views on Youtube, and the fan base is steadily growing.

Curiscope’s objective is truly admirable, as they hope to create a better educational experience through their company. Curiscope’s CEO Ed Barton believes that the problem with modern-day education is that the students feel detached from what they are learning. While their lives revolve around mobile phones and portable laptops, schools still very much focus on textbooks and writing on boards. Curiscope hopes to engage the kids with educational topics through technology in order to create an exciting learning experience that will animate them to learn more. By using virtual reality, Curiscope creates adventures that connects kids to topics such as anatomy or marine biology, which will then let them understand why the subjects are relevant to their lives.

And if creating mesmerising 360° videos wasn’t enough, Curiscope has created the Virtuali-Tee. Playing on the classic T-Shirt, the company has turned a piece of clothing into a virtual reality learning experience. When looked at without a technological device, the Virtuali-Tee seems like any ordinary T-shirt with some interesting designs on it. But when you hold a mobile, tablet, or any technological device over it, the fabric turns into a labyrinth of organs and tissues. Indeed, Curiscope has managed to invent a type of X-Ray device that allows you too see the anatomical body through the screen of a phone, by hovering over a piece of fabric. This anatomical model is not just any still picture that you can find on a textbook – it is fully animated. The blood is flowing, the heart is pumping, and the food is churning. People of all ages will be able to learn about the anatomy of the body by seeing it live on the T-shirts of their friends. Additionally, the Virtuali-Tee comes alongside an app that teaches you facts about the human body and anatomy while you watch it on the X-Ray T-shirt.

Courtesy of Curiscope
Courtesy of Curiscope

For this invention, Curiscope will launch a Kickstarter Campaign starting on 1st March 2016. Barton hopes that through external funding received over the Kickstarter platform, the company will be able to build more virtual experiences on subjects of every kind in order to get kids excited about learning. The London-based startup company has a goal of raising $100,000 to make the virtual reality, just a reality. Curiscope has proven that the future is now, and we hope that their invention will create an advancement in education and learning.