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Trapeze Class at Gymbox | Courtesy of Gymbox
Trapeze Class at Gymbox | Courtesy of Gymbox
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Unusual Fitness Classes In London To Try In 2018

Picture of Lizzie Thomson
London Writer
Updated: 30 December 2017
Often, a new year marks new fitness resolutions, so if you’re looking to step away from mainstream classes and shake up your gym routine, check out these unusual fitness classes in London to try in 2018.

Ariel Workouts

Embrace your inner acrobat and give an aerial workout a go. Try your hand at aerial yoga, which involves traditional yoga moves while being suspended in a hammock. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, an aerial hoop class guarantees to improve your stamina, flexibility and strength. London has many great classes on offer at gyms such as Gymbox and Flying Fantastic.

Ariel Hoop Class at Gymbox
Ariel Hoop Class at Gymbox | Courtesy of Gymbox

Disco Yoga

If you’re looking for a new way to unwind and socialise, disco yoga could be for you. Located at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch, the class involves a series of energetic sequences to your favorite disco anthems. You even have the option to “glitter up” at the glitter station before the class commences, to really get in the spirit of all things disco. If you don’t like taking life too seriously and you’re on the lookout for a fresh new fitness class, this could be the answer.

Disco Yoga at Trapeze Bar, 87 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3HX

Ninja Class

Ever thought you have what it takes to become an ultimate Ninja? London offers a variety of Ninja classes to test your agility and strength through a series of obstacle courses. Essentially, the class works your whole body with its varied activities, but it’s also a great test of your mind with problem-solving and working out how to overcome challenges. If you’re looking to push your body and mind in one class in 2018, take a look at the Ninja classes on offer at gyms such as Gymbox.

Ninja Warrior Class at Gymbox
Ninja Warrior Class at Gymbox | Courtesy of Gymbox

Trampoline Fitness Class

Trampolining fitness classes are taking London by storm. Not only are they a great cardio workout that strengthens your core muscles, they are also incredibly fun. Usually bouncing to a pumping soundtrack of EDM or house music, the class will energise you and work your core and legs. Bring back your favourite childhood pastime and inject some trampolining into your 2018 fitness regime.

Jumping Fitness Britain, 58 Roberts Road London E17 4LR


Across the city, there are lots of places that offer Parkour facilities and classes, including the likes of Parkour Generations in Greenwich, an indoor facility which mimics the outdoors in terms of its materials. The Chainstore gym and Parkour Academy run three to five classes every day including Parkour, Acrobatics and Strength & Conditioning classes every weekday evening. Improve your movement, strength and functional fitness in 2018 with an energetic Parkour class.

Parkour Class | Courtesy of Andy Day/Parkour Generations

Trapeze Class

If you’re fanatic about flying, taking up a trapeze class in 2018 could be just the thing your exercise routine is missing. Over recent years, we’ve seen more and more circus-style classes emerging in London, and taking to the trapeze will stretch your body to new limits. Being the ultimate test of balance and body-weight training, a trapeze class will leave you thoroughly worked, so if you’re looking to push yourself at the gym in 2018, this could be your new favourite class.

Gymbox Trapeze
Trapeze Class at Gymbox | Courtesy of Gymbox